Update And Poem

Quick update: Dad’s surgery went extremely well they’ve removed all the tumors and he’s grumpy I think more out of not being able to do stuff than anything else but its like the best sign that he’s getting better. They running labs on the tumors to see if they cancerous or not best case scenario is they not so we just holding thumbs worst case they are and we looking at bigger cancer problem. I have to admit that AJ’s been amazing through this whole thing he knows I’m at the point of freaking out and last night I snapped at him for something stupid then started crying because I’d snapped at him and he stood up walked over and hugged me and never let go then said Stormy it’ll be fine he’s a marine and we don’t give up without a fight he was so honest and serious but it made me laugh and only because its dam ironic AJ thought he’d said the wrong thing and he didn’t he really didn’t ok I know this is my dark side of humor but for my whole life I have had a dad whose as marine as they come I grew up knowing that every second spent with him was a gift and at anytime he’d be gone and one day just never return I know he’s faced many hairy situations in the past been in and out of hospitals so many times we’ve actually lost count and its honestly how I thought he’d leave us, however not so much he gets cancer I’m not saying this is it I’m saying holy **** who would’ve thought lol. Anyway point being I’m over worried and over stressed but doing a lot better AJ banned me from the hospital during dads surgery claiming I needed some down time and I couldn’t do much anyway because he was in surgery he also banned mom and took us to our place and we played with the puppies mom went back after the surgery and AJ refused to let me go saying my down time wasn’t over and we went for a run and I had my first nights proper sleep since dad was admitted into hospital I know AJ was in full form distracting me from everything and he does it VERY well he took me back the next day and then admitted that he knew if I saw my dad straight after surgery it would do more harm than good maybe he was right either way I need the ‘break’ badly I mean dark humor really isn’t my thing and yet I’m full of it which why I’m moving onto better and more ‘appropriate things‼     

For those who know me know that I do this every year today is Pearl Harbor Day normally we go watch the parade and then go visit Grumpy not that we don’t do this throughout year – its really weird I mean I visit Grumpy often to put flowers on his grave or just sit there Grumpy like his name was extremely grumpy but whenever we visited him he had this air of calm about him when AJ gets deployed I often go visit Grumpy and walk out there feeling better for no other reason other than he’s this constant reminder that no matter how **** things can get to never give up EVER very recently I found out that my mom has been doing the same thing for a very long time – band wagon lol‼! however this year is a little different because my cousin is carrying the Navy flag and Aaron’s carrying the marine flag in the parade and we totally representing and it’s really exciting so we promised to be there to cheer them only not that its all technical all they actually have to do is walk in a straight line but it’s a huge honor for both them and I’m really proud of them‼ However on a different note I found this poem and thought I’d share it:

The finest tribute we can pay

Unto our hero dead to-day,

Is not a rose wreath, white and red,

In memory of the blood they shed;

It is to stand beside each mound,

Each couch of consecrated ground,

And pledge ourselves as warriors true

Unto the work they died to do.

Into God's valleys where they lie

At rest, beneath the open sky,

Triumphant now o'er every foe,

As living tributes let us go.

No wreath of rose or immortelles

Or spoken word or tolling bells

Will do to-day, unless we give 

Our pledge that liberty shall live.

Our hearts must be the roses red

We place above our hero dead;

To-day beside their graves we must

Renew allegiance to their trust;

Must bare our heads and humbly say

We hold the flag as dear as they,

And stand, as once they stood, to die

To keep the Stars and Stripes on high.

The finest tribute we can pay

Unto our hero dead to-day

Is not of speech or roses red,

But living, throbbing hearts instead,

That shall renew the pledge they sealed

With death upon the battlefield;

That freedom's flag shall bear no stain

And free men wear no tyrant's chain.

Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
Dec 7, 2012