Ok so my last post i'm pretty sure i said my countdown was 6 weeks...well now it's more like 7 weeks from now. blah. Dear Marine Corps, Please stop changing dates. kthnx. Anyways, on happier notes, Nick won't be going for long stretches with out talking to me this final month unless their communication gets cut off :) yaaayyy! I've been online shopping for christmas and birthday presents and i'm gonna go crazy if the etsy store his bday present is comin from doesnt hurry up and switch from vacation mode (they got so many holiday orders they arent accepting any more until january) i'm gonna be sad if she doesnt open in time for it to get here before he gets back. Nick already spoiled my christmas present. but he wanted to make sure it was one i'd like (not that i'd ever really complain as long as he put thought into the gift) but I'M SO FREAKIN EXCITED he's buyin me the amazing camera i want that i never even mentioned to him, he just knows how much i love taking pictures and he found one when he was browsin around the other day :) unfortunately him getting me something that amazing makes me feel like i have to think reeeeally hard about his christmas present lol. Ideas welcome. Moving on. I've FINALLY finished getting things squared away so that we can move into our apartment...i'm gonna get everything moved in a couple weeks before he comes home and hopefully i'll be able to decorate it all or at least decide where i want things because his rule is he'll hang everything as long as i tell him where to put it and i don't change my mind more than twice haha. Now, I'm just going crazy waiting to have him back and i'm so ready to go up and get my puppy and just have our little family back together. 6 months really isn't that long, and it does pass fast...but jeez the closer it gets the more the days seem to drag. I hope you are all doing well, i am off to teach my little sister how to cook :)

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Urgh AJ's got to a point where he doesn't even tell me dates anymore because they change so frigging often i usually stick to the original date and then wait for him to say ok its being extended or whatever then i know for sure I ABSOLUTELY HATE date changes it drives me insane - good luck with that and it gets crazier the closer he gets the more it changes to they point you just give up with donut stalking but beyond excited because you know you getting close lol i really DO NOT miss deployments!!!

I'm so happy for and you doing really well it's all so exciting!!

Gosh I hate how the marine corps changes dates! Ryan told me the other day he may be deploying for 13 months. So I looked at him and said "baby I don't want you to be gone 18 months!" he tried to correct me but I told him no, your a marine, dates will be pushed back and it will not be 13 months. Lol hopefully he doesn't end up havin to go but we will see! Anyways, 7 weeks isn't bad! I got Ryan an Xbox for Christmas. And nerf guns so we could play battle. I get my butt kicked every time!!! Oh and he got a remote control car to chase our dogs with. Lol I swear I have a 6 year old not a 26 year old sometimes!! Have fun moving in!! It's so much fun once you get the basics organized!

Lol I know what you mean about the 6 year old part :) its always funny to me when people assume the toys in our house belong to kids who forgot them there...nope they're his lol. It's fun though. I seriously cannot wait to have my own space again! Living with my parents for 6 months where I don't have any alone time drives me nuts lol

lol I'm crashing your conversation!!! I've never done this before i feel like i'm actually eves dropping!! but i wanted to add that at my house before AJ moved in he came over with a box i looked in the box and it remote control cars and these lazer gun type things I took one look and he said its not safe in the barracks i turn my back and my stash is gone really!?!? he also now found a new way to get bear if i'm in the kitchen he sends over his remote control car i put it on top and remotes it back to himself his brother and my brother have now caught on - it never changes he's still 4 lol good luck to all of us!!

Hahaha that's a great idea! Too funny!! I guess they really never grow up but that's ok. It's cute. :) just never try and be a better shot than them...it ends badly. Painfully and badly lol