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My boyfriend will be leaving for basics soon. He wants to join the marines. We are a young couple. He is 18, and I am 17. We have been together for 2 months today. I know most people will think that our relationship will not amount to anything because we are young. I have been told that before, but we really care about each other and want to make our relationship to last for a very long time. He is the guy of my dreams. My family loves him, and he treats my little sister like the young woman she is becoming which I have found is hard to find. He treats me amazing especially after coming out of a verbally abusive relationship a few years ago. I have finally found someone who truly respects and cares about me. I would love and greatly appreciate any advice on what it is like to be a military girlfriend and what to expect during basics. I know nothing about that military and any information would be greatly appreciated. I am also wanting to make friends in a similar situation to help me through this, and I found this website.(: I hope I can get some advice here(:
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Thanks everybody so much for all the nice words(: You don't know how much they meant to me. I literally cried half the day yesterday while Wyatt held me in his arms and wiped my tears away. He really is the guy that deserves the world. I wouldnt want to go through this with any one else but him.(: I am glad that ya'll understand that just because we are young doesnt make our relationship any more meaningful. That means alot because I have been told countless times that we wont survive in the regular world let alone in the military world, but I think Wyatt is right. I believe we can make it because we have had countless obstacles to overcome and we have. My parents are very strict and he is only allowed to come to my house and sit on the couch with me. I have only been able to meet his parents twice and the first time I had to have my parents with me. For thanksgiving, I met the rest of the family and hopefully I will see them again for christmas. He says his family loves me especially his mom and grandma. I love his grandma. She is the most friendly woman I have ever met. His mom loves that I have calmed him down so much. My boyfriend used to be the complete opposite of me. He drank and got kicked out of school for something stupid, but he is grown up so much as a person. He really really tries in our relationship, and he has put heart into it which is definitely a first for me. He geniunely cares about me and he gets me through so much in my daily life. And Storm, I never thought I would either but I have had a pen pal before in the military with 4H. I know that it isnt no where the same but I do understand how important letters are to them. Thanks everyone. You made me regain the confidence that I can do this.(: This really is a great website full of military sisters(:

I wanted to say that my parents got together when they were 16 my dad enlisted when he was 18 and they got married at 19 and still married and happily married. i don't think age has anything to with it yes you are young but no one can tell you how old you should be to fall in love and know that you are - there's nothing you can do to prove that just be happy, support him and you'll be fine!

As for the relationship i swore up and to never get involved with a guy from the military because I saw what my mom went through. However fate had a different idea and now i'm married to my best friend and have never been in a more fulfilling relationship in my life and couldn't be happier. it's not easy the best way to explain it is from now on you going to be on this roller coaster of emotions the best thing you can do is just go with it feel what you feel and get it done with, its not easy don't think that it's going to be a fairy tale because its not you going to have to put all your trust and faith in person however with all that said i've never looked back i became a much stronger and independent person because of it - you'll be fine just be honest with yourself and with him always trust and support each other always if something is bugging speak about it and most importantly people are going to say stuff for the sake of saying stuff ignore them they not worth it people arent going to approve remember it was never about them in the first place trust your instinct always and be true to yourself and him and use us for everything else! Dont think you weak because you cried or happen to go through a stage of feeling sorry for yourself you better off having a moppy day than not you more help to him if you not fighting with your own emotions and battling with being supportive to him you allowed to be angry and sad and upset and you allowed to feel that way dont ever let anyone tell you differently!!

Good luck and welcome i'm Storm by the way!!

Hey im sarah! I was also very young when my bf left for bootcamp. I was 16 when he left and we had only been dating for a month. Dont let anybody tell you that it wont amount to anything because we are now married and i move down there in two weeks. The relationship will only succeed if you are commited. The distance doesnt get easier but you learn to accept it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Were around the same age so i will understand :)

I completely agree with Aura, any questions feel free to ask!!!
Semper Fi: amazing saying Im sure you will find it completely relavent!

Hey welcome! My name is aura don't hesitate to ask any questions. At first things seem extremely hard when they first leave but as time goes on you'll see how strong of a person you are! It doesn't ever realllly get easier dealing with distance and stuff but you just adjust to the new life style and go with whatever comes your way