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I miss him so much that every time I find out there's an opportunity to see him I get to happy and excited only to be brought down with disappointment. Always changing dates and hours.. trying to keep my patients but I loose it. He has been distant with me when we see each other is like if we were friends.. I mean I don't ask for a lot in my point of view. A simple hug, kiss, or hold of hand will do. I am just so frustrated.. that I expect the worst.. when he comes out for liberty I am already expecting him going out with his friends and talking to everyone on the phone. I sound selfish but after not feeling him distant this is going to get to me more than it already is.. like I think about it and I ask my self... wow really they are worth your attention more than me..
Its taking so much out of me not to start any arguments. But when you have so call " girl--- friends" or "best---friends" on your man you just can't help it. Last time I had to tell him to please watch it especially when things get public like on his facebook page. Like really if a so called "boy---friend" or "best--- guy--- friend" would post things like these friends of his did on his page he would of have given me a huge talk on how I would allow a thing like that.. but there again he said he didn't see it that way and apologised but didn't take the posts off! How is that supposed to make me feel. I just hope he sees the effort I am putting into the relationship because it's not easy having all these females around me watching my every move to see if I will fail him so they can run to him and tell him how it was not a good choice for him to be with me.
So much I need to vent out so it's all over the place...
Another issue I am dealing with is I felt my parents house a while back because I had problems with my father(but I am back and things having been getting better with my father better communication between us).. but that is not the main point.. so I left and my older sister offered me to stay with her so I did but my marine was on leave so I spendtime over at his parents house.. every is going good no problems..
Later I come out to find out that the same sister who open me her doors called my exboyfriend to get him to speak to me and convince me to come back home.. and I realized that it all made sense weeks before he messaged me asking to be friends.. of course I blew him off and didn't reply I don't want anything to do with him..
I was upset and angry that my own sister would do something like that just the thought of how things would have end up if my ex would have tried to find me brings me anger...
Again sorry so many topics..
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As far as his friends, he misses you so much but he also misses "bro-ing it up" as Jim would say. Jim does the same thing cuz he's trying to fit in seeing everyone in a short period of time. I always make sure that while he's home no matter how long it is once a week we have date night, and that doesn't mean having to go out sometimes it's grabbing a couple of glasses of milk and a thing of oreo's and watching a movie in his parent's basement and telling them we are off limits for the night. Chances are he has no idea that he blows you off, so speak up about what you need. You don't have to fight about it and instead of telling him he's always blowing you off say somethign like, when you're home we should have a movie date night hanging out just us. and then don't let it go, it's not something to fight about but by telling him you need time just the two of you he understands what you need better then if you just get mad about it. Cuz while Jim and I go out with our friends together nothing beats time with just the two of you to reform a connection that can sometimes get lost in transition from one thing to the next.

As far as your sister it sounds like maybe she was concerned you were just the flavor of the week and doesn't want you to get hurt. I might be wrong cuz I don't know your sister and I think either way it's not her business even if you are staying with her, as long as she knows you are safe somewhere she should support what makes you happy.

You really need to have a talk with him about this. It just seems like he's not all in when it comes to yalls relationship. If Ryan were to ever have girls post on his wall anything other than hey how are you kinda things I would be so mad!! And he knows that and wouldn't allow it. It's disrespectful to you! Also with him being distant that's no good. He should be understanding and want to try and please you at least a little and give attention. Just be sure to give him some space too! He's a man and needs freedom and fun! And don't make him feel like your attacking him or saying he's not good enough kinda thing, just ease into it! Good luck!

Thank you for the advice I will have a talk with him hopefully he understands where I am coming from. I just feel like when I am telling him he understands and apologies but doesn't see that things like those posts need to be deleted....

Men are clueless sometimes. You really have to be blunt in a subtle way. Ugh maybe that's why they think women are so complicated!!! Lol good luck!

He came today just left me at my parents house.. not what I expected by far I just want to cry about it. He mention for the second time that if I where to leave him it was okay but as in the answer he gave came with this tone of seriousness. Like if he wouldn't be upset or fight for my love. I feel horrible maybe I am just analyzing things way too much..

That's just weird. I know a lot of military men expect there ladies to leave because it's so difficult, but I would hope he would fight for you! Maybe he just feels like your unhappy. I would still talk to him and see why he is asking that. Is he unhappy or is it just the typical military mindset that your not happy waiting for him..

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