Wedding Update

Thank you Marine Corps I now have no idea when we are going to get married. He is gonna be home for 2 weeks for the holidays and then after that somewhere else till february and then who the hell knows....How the heck do you plan anything if they can't even tell  you what will happen 2 months from now....oye
Back to the drawing board!
chiquitito chiquitito
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I really hope for the sake of your own sanity the frigging make up their mind already - i know its frustrating however these type of always happen at the worst possible time i really hope it works out eventually!!

I agree! When he first said lets get married in March I was like I feel like I shouldn't count on that date and he was like no it shouldn't change there isn't much they could actually change....After thinking about it I kind of what to laugh at Jim for thinking it wouldn't change and at myself for believing him!!! HA! I guess sometimes it's good to be reminded that the dates will change 12 times before they come home the day after they were told they were in the first place lol

Sorry to hear :/ and I know what you mean with all the false promises they make :( wedding is real rough though :( hope everything turns out okay!

thanks girl I'm sure it will, just annoying