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Hey all(: just needed to get those it there that ever since I have become a marine corps girlfriend, people jus make me so upset! Noone understands what the heck we are going through and ask the stupidest questions! "awh do you miss your soldier" well first off, he's a marine. Marines are not soldiers. And second, no? I don't miss him at all? "oh so it's just like dear John?" " I know what your going through, I watch army wives" NO. Just no. "has he ever killed anyone?" ugh. People I swear!! I'm sorry I just went in total b**** mode, but I needed to get that off my chest. Haha the point is, I feel so alone, and really need a friend who's going through the same thing as me :/
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I like it when someone asks you how do you know he isn't cheating on you ..

Omg girl I want to go ham when people ask that I'm like because I know just because hes away doesn't mean he's cheating boys be with their gf everyday and still cheat

Yup I just say I don't know and walk away

I say because i trust him and walk away but in my head im punching them in the face

Or how you could possibly not cheat.. Like what the hell haha

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I'll totally be your friend! We all need to stick together and its nice to know other people my age are on here too c:

Absolutely! I feel like im the youngest one on here sometimes but I tell ya, I know my crap. Haha the first thing my man said to me when he graduated boot: "I love you, but for this to work.. You need to be as passionate about the corps as I am"

Oh gosh there is probably a lot I don't know but I'm smart enough not to call other girls marines 'soldiers' and I flip out at my friends every time they say "Oh yeah your boyfriends in the army". But yeah! I think itd be good to have a friend about the same age, we are probably in the same grade too!

Let's not forget the dumbest question of all. "Aren't you afraid he'll be killed." That one never gets old with them.

Haha amen to that! Like comeon, he's pretty much trained how to kill and how to not die. They're wicked prepared for anything, and your just a likely to be killed on like a construction site or something. We've got some of the worlds toughest men(;

Girls just sound so retarded when they don't know what's going on and what to say I had a friend who would always say the wrong thing me and her don't talk anymore she would always try and shoot down my relationship

Exactly!!! Always like "he doesn't call you to say goodnight every day? I'd dump his ***." like no... You don't understand. And they're always apologizing. I always have to say they shouldn't be sorry, hes just doing his job. Unless your in a situation like all of us... You don't know what dedication is. Semper fi is just as much iur motto as it is theirs

i hate those girls that are always like i'd be so mad if my boo didnt call and say goodnight and im like stfu B your lucky he can call and say goodnight. Semper fi is a way of life only a few of us girls know how to live by it others fail

They don't really fail, they're just not strong enough to handle thi lifestyle

True cause its tough as a bleep

Haha damn straight!

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I feel you, its tough and the questions are really annoying, feel free to message me with any questions!

Omgeeee u just described my whole experience!!! When my bf was at bootcamp they would always tell me that!!! Especially the dear john one like seriously!! O welll guess will always have to handle all that. We are strong :) when you need someone to talk am always here!!!

Haha right!? Like nooo.. She cheats on him and he dies. That's NOT going to be us haha

haha for realz and plus his not a marine haha

if you just need someone to talk to or relate to, feel free to message me anytime. ill talk and help all i can!

Thank you so much<3