My Experience At Bootcamp Graduation!

Well it is finally all over! Austin graduated from bootcamp on friday and it was AMAZING! It was the biggest graduating class in 6 years and had over 700 new Marines!
On Family Day, I bolted down the stairs to find him, but unfortunately he found his parents first. I saw him finally and gave him that hug and kiss we both have been longing for. Seeing him for the first time made me literally speechless. Seeing him in his camis made everything so real for me. He looked flawless. So much was different about him too. He carried himself differently, had more confidence and was a lot more mature and serious.
On Graduation day, it was so cold! I wore a dress to look nice for him and I had to suck up the fact it was misting outside. It was so packed we couldn't even sit in the bleachers. The ceremony is something I will never forget. Seeing that everyones hard work has paid off is amazing. After the ceremony, I bolted to Austin (again) and found him this time! I hugged him and he was all choked up knowing the fact that it was all over with. He looked amazing in his Alphas. I have never seen him look so handsome in my life. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. He also graduated as PFC!
After Graduation, we took him home! It was a long 16 hours, but the whole time we got to cuddle. He stayed awake until about 9 then passed out. He would not let go of me the whole time. He kept looking at me and smiling at me saying he was so lucky to have me and he loves me. We got home around 430am. We both passed out on the couch and I got to wake up to him next to me. We have been inseparable for the past few days. We keep talking about how this experience has changed both of us and has made out relationship the best it's ever been. He also got extended leave so he doesn't have to go to MCT until Jan 3rd!
I am so thankful to have him in my life and thankful he went to bootcamp. The Marine Corps has made him into a better version of himself. He has a better outlook on things and has such a big passion for the Marine Corps. He was meant to do this. Three months ago I never thought I would be here. It feels like a life time ago, but I am so glad I stuck by his side through this. It was worth every hard night, tear, and moment alone. I wouldn't change this experience for the world. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!
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Congratulations to you and your Marine it is an amazing and beautiful experience! Keep in touch with us! :)

Aw that's awesome i'm SO happy for you congrats!!

amazing! I love this =]

This story inspired me!(: I love it(: My boyfriend will be leaving for basics in January, and I am so scared that our relationship will not survive, but this story gave me hope that it will and gave me the confidence that I can be strong enough to do this(: & I am so happy for both of you(: I hope I get to experience the same great one you just described(: And can you explain to me what RA is or at least what is stands for?(:

RA is recruiters assistance. Pretty much it extends your leave a few weeks! You have to apply for it and they let you know if you get it in boot camp

Congratulations to your and your new marine! I do have a question if you don't mind answering. I saw that your marine managed to get extended leave, does that come out of his leave from the entire year? I know that the 10 day leave comes out of that but do the extra days also come out of that? Is he an RA? Sorry, my boyfriend is in bootcamp right now and graduates the 11th of January :) I just wanted to know because there has been a lot of talk saying that MCT is full and that our boys might be able to stay longer :D

Well mine got RA so that's how he got his extended leave, but many other people got extended leave too he was with because of the holidays. MCT should only last about a month but if it is full then that does sound likely that they will have a longer leave. It all depends on the RA and timing. I hope he gets extended so you can see him longer! Having the extra time is a great thing

Thanks! And yes, I really do hope that he gets RA too! He asked me to call up his recruiter to ask about it but the recruiter says that its first come first serve :( I'll just have to keep praying :)

Awww!! Thats 4ooo cuteee! Sadly i couldnt go to my bf graduation but his mom told me it was amazing. Yes gurl we have been unseparable also!! My boyfriend also graduated at PFC! I Am really proud of him! Yes will keep posting up storiesabout us!