Hi everyone, it's the first time I post anything so I will introduce myself:
my name is Beatrice I am Italian and my boyfriend is American and he is a Marine reservist. We first met 5 years ago... I was an exchange student at his High School and we started dating. We have been together ever since and we also lived together in the US for one year, then he came to italy to study for 6 months and we have been back and forth...
Right now he is graduated from college, working and soon to be deployed, I am living in Italy studying for college [in the US was too expensive for me :( ] and will graduate next year.

I have known him since way before he joined. You could probably imagine all of the culture differences we went through and still go through.
We were supposed to start our life together in July 2013.. and now everything got postponed... I ve been depressed because we both worked so hard to finally live together forever and never leave each other... after longer than 5 years we were going to... but he wanted to deploy, and I respect that, he explained me why and I understood... He finally gets to go and I am happy for him... nevertheless I ve feeling very much down.. sometimes I have some nerve breakdown..

I really need someone to talk to because beside him I dont have anyone.. The few friends that stuck with me have their boyfriend right next to them... they do not understand.. and it hurts even just trying to explain to them..

I hope someone will know what to tell me, and maybe there is some non-american gilrfriend/fiancèe/wife out there... I am sure you guys understand me.

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Almost our story :) I am russian though. And we've met only 4 months ago. And he is deployed right now, it's already been 3 months and we have 3 more to go.
I totally understand that cultural difference thing!!! But it's always been fun for us :) He even started learning Russian...
If you want to talk, message me anytime!
Btw Chris is full blooded Italian :D