Said Something I Shouldn't Of

So last night I think I either hurt Ryan alittle by my stupidity or he's just slightly mad at me for opening my mouth and saying what I said. I feel completely awful I because I really did say something I probably shouldn't of said but I can't take it back now it's too late. I know he's busy over there but it just kinda makes me feel like he cares about me like I do him but its hard because I hear everyone else saying I got to Skype with my man or I got to talk to him. I really have no other way to communicate with Ryan other than text because I broke my laptop. I try pretty much daily to let him know I love him an I know he loves me but it sometimes feels like he's just saying it. And now I feel like he hates me for saying how I feel. I wish I could take it back
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I agree.... We cab say things the bother us in the wrong moment . We can really hurt them i kow i just messed up with my bf rite now. But i talked to him... And just give him his space . Its never bad to express what u truly feel u just have to know when is the right time

Yeah I just feel awful now and I'm want to make it right he did tell me sorry and he wishes he had more time to talk. But he also knows that even if its 3 am here he can call me or text me I wake up to his anytime he does. But he knows how much he means to me and I just hope I didn't **** him off because I couldn't go the remainder of his deployment not talking

yeah i understand but we have to be patient. sometimes i feel like exploting to my bf, just have to breath and pray God gives me the strength.

I've told him I'm sorry and I'm giving him a few days! Hopefully it makes it better I just feel like a crappy gf for even saying it

same here am just giving hm time to think and spend time with his friends and just realized that his the one missing out. on time we could have been together ;/

Yeah I have him a day or so an he text me last night. So this afternoon when it was morning for him I sent him a morning text. And he answered I think he realized how much I care about him and that its a good thing

Thats great!!! am really happy for you!!! mine still hasnt txt me ;/ his sister was just like ooo how come he hasnt walked you to school..... am really sad inside it just hit me that i havent talk to him

Aww I'm sorry he will come around! The other thing I did that I think help is I sent him a cute pic of my with a not telling him
I was sorry! Then Monday he text me so I think the fact that he realized I was sorry too help

yeahhhh it does.... so we finally talked so am happy and enjoying the last weeks with him...

Ryan should be coming home soon just not sure of when yet. I'm waiting to get te date he's coming home. I miss him so much and he knows it too and I try to make sure he knows I love him

awwww really hehehehheheh we have had a lot of those were going to the beach right now heheeheheh

Lucky I wish I could go to the beach with Ryan. I will eventually just have to wait tho

it was amazing!!!

Awww I'm glad it was

yes omgee u shld read my story lol i kinda explained it there

Ill def read it

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A lot of times they feel guilty because there is nothing they can do to make you feel more loved. Ryan and I always had that fight when he was gone. But you have to be confident and know he loves you. He's just busy.

I do know he loves me and after I saidit he said he was working and sorry but he wishes he had more time to talk its just a crappy situation and I really wish I hadn't said it to him I actually had no intention of sending the text but did it out of habit