Extra Lovins (:

Do you any of you girls get extra clingy after you find out your mans going over seas. I dont mean like a million calls never leave my sight clingy. I mean like when you guys are together you can't help but kiss on him a little more than usual. Or rub on him and hold his hand more often than you normally would. I was like that this past weekend. Knowing he's leaving for Japan beginning of January makes me want to get all the cuddling and kissing in that I can. Lol he said he likes the extra lovins I show him. But I didn't realize I do that until this past weekend when he pointed it out.

Just random thoughts thought id share (:

Hope all you ladies are doing amazing <3

Morgii Morgii
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

heck yes!! i just cant keep my arms away from him when hes around. im like a heat seeking missile when i see him!

That made me laugh. Lol (:

But I am definitely the same way!

lol its actually the other way round for me and not clingy but whenever i'm around he holds my hand or wraps his arm around around me and normally its round about then a know and he's always said i've have soften you up a bit before dropping a bomb then i do its two way street lol but yes i do its almost like getting in as much lovin as possible because why the hell not!!

Exactly! (: why not try to get in a whole bunch of lovins.

lol get in as much as you can now because you can and its nice and personally one of my favorites things!!

It's definitely one of mine. Im trying to soak up all the time we have left til he leaves. Im learning to not constantly think or bring up the fact there's 7 weeks til he has to be there..

Hahah thats sooo truee! I have been doing that with my bf hahahha he hasnt ponted out yet and yeah u dont realize it.