So I was talking to my Marine tonight and some of the stuff he says I have no idea what he means... It is hard for me to learn about the Marine world through him, because he did not know much or talk the way he was before his joined...Then there was boot camp..then MOS school, and the right from there he wen to Japan so I got no time for him to teach me the ropes... And now he is using vocab and I have not idea what he means but the way he says it makes it sound like I should...and I tried looking this up on the internet...but once I think I got a meaning down I find another site saying the word means something completely dif. So please can any one tell me what these things means.

He is an "S-1"
His MOS is 0111
det personnel

I could not ask him to help me figure this all out cause we could only talk for like five min...and he said all these things right before he had to sign off...So yeah any help getting a good translation would be great.
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s-1 is navy rank, seaman first class or for today's standards an e-3

0111 is an administrative specialist. MEU is marine expeditionary unit--they are on a MEU when they deploy on a ship from place to place. Det personnel is detached personnel like my bf is in that category because so few of them deployed from his unit. I have no idea what S-1 is though

Thanks so much helps a lot

welcome :)