He's Home :)

Zane Finally graduated Bootcamp Nov. 21st. and i must say, family day was one of the best days of my entire life. I can't eve describe the happiness we both had, its like we just started dating all over again!! and even better news, he has 28 days of RA so he is home until January 1st :) I feel so blessed, but at the same time i know its going to be unbelievably hard again when he leaves for MCT then straight to Florida for schooling. But i couldn't be happier that my Marine is finally home!!

Anyways, i just was wondering if any of you ladies have your men in Pensacola or they are there right now. Are you allowed to visit them while they are in school? is it hard to stay in touch? all of these questions, im scared for this adventure, but i know every step is going to be worth it.

Semper Fi ladies, Semper Fi <3
laurenaperrine laurenaperrine
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

My husband is in the Pensacola school right now! Im pretty sure you can visit during the weekends if he doesn't have duty. ive only actually stayed close to the base once and its pretty dinky there.