Hello hope you guys are having a wonderful day!!!! sorry haven't been literary on the computer to update all of you with everything. I know its late but thanksgiving was amazing we spend it together and i couldn't have asked for more. Of course it was the first thanksgiving we spend together and my family they did not stop bugging us. yeah we have been together and some days are good some are not so much. He comes to my house to the whole time we have such a fun time!!! We actually have that bond and he loves to spend time with my family. Am just really happy to be with him i love him!! Saturday was our anniversary 2 years and 3 months!!! Unfortunately i could not be with him but yesterday. Awwww he made my night by giving me this amazing card its made me feel so secure that he does love ME!!! He said after 5 years in the marine he isn't going to sign a 5 year contract but sign to be with me for the rest of my life!!! Am soo happy but, yes i had to ruin it by saying something stupid and he hasn't talked to me i feel so bad. i have my pride and i haven't text him and i ugh feel soo bad!! Lets hope we talk soon :( i Miss him soo much!!! God Bless!!
SEMPER FI!!!!<33 
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Aw thats awesome congrats!!

awww thank you am so glad to have soo much support by reading so many stories. knowing am not alone!!