I needed to get some opinions on this: what do you think about women who seek help from fellow milso sisters but are cheating on their men. I met a woman (teenage girl) the other day on base who had recently told me she was on a similar site, seeking support. I later found out that she had been having sex on the side as well as other boyfriends. So technically, she wasn't even alone while we are stuck sleeping by ourselves. I don't know about you guys, but that really upset me. In my opinion, Semper Fidelis is just as much ou motto as it is theirs. What do you think?
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Agreed! I definitely feel like semper fi is our motto as much as it is theirs. There is nothing that makes me wanna freak out on someone more than cheating especially when theyre cheating on a member of the armed forces. Milsos who cheat dont deserve that title and sure as heck shouldn't be using a support site when clearly their using their own methods of dealing with the situation

Has that was the perfect wording for sure

oooo i could be here all day telling you how felt cheating ****** me off period whether you in the military or not its the one thing that's hacks me off you go preaching all love trust rainbows and fairy ales and then do the opposite it's beyond hypocritical and it just makes me mad!!

I believe thats truee we have to be faithful to them no matter what! Bo pretend and then doing things that sooner or later are going to come to light

thats definitely true. SEMPER FI is definitely our motto just as much as it is theirs. But I definitely think cheating goes both ways. My husband has told me about a few of his friends (which he no longer associates with) cheating on their wives or girlfriends back home. my opinion is whether your in a military relationship or a regular one if your gna cheat just be single done waste your time or the other persons. Why hurt some one like that. I cant imagine cheating on my man. It makes me so angry to hear about women doing that then acting as if they are so lonely or they miss their Marine... blah blah blah. Excuse my language it makes me wanna B**CH slap them really!

Ohh yes. Haha

I agree! I would never dare to even think about not being faithful for a second no matter how long its been or how far he is away... NEVER!

Semper Fi 100%

Exactly! My opinion, if you can't stay faithful you don't deserve to be a part of the corps