He Called He Called<3

Got the first call I awhile today :) I was so happy to fianally be able to talk to my marine :) but, I feel awful because he is on medical :( he bruised his cartilage and is out for a week or so :/ he says it's not that bad and he should be back I action soon so I'm very glad. Love my marine soooo much :)
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Aww that's so exciting!! I remember one night Ryan called me and it surprised me and I couldn't help but smile the rest of the night. And if course now more than ever I fall asleep next to my phone so if he calls again ill hear it. Oddly enough I never hear my phone when I'm asleep but when it's his text sound or ringtone I wake up immediately

I'm the exact same wayy

Yeah when they aren't here that's the only way to have it tho.

Yeahh, i miss him soo much :(

I miss Ryan alot too. I actually text him satin good morning and I can't wait till he's home and he text me back so I got about 2 minutes to be able to communicate with him which was absolutely amazing

Yea(: once a week usually he finds anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to sneak a call in. It's not alot of time but I sure means alot(:

It really does and that's all we have at the moment

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Your story made me tear up :'/ reminded me of the time i missed his call,.... Am glad you got to :ear his voice

:( I'm sorry

no its okay :) at first it was hard

calls are always the best. kris would call me just because he knows i like to hear his voice and sometimes we'd have five seconds to talk sometimes we'd have hours but every moment counts. i know ppl say that a lot but its so true in our situations