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So I've been super sick lately and it was one of those weeks without text and stuff (I figured he was on the range and I was right).
Finally when we he did text me we had a really good conversation about how our relationship and I made sure everything was good and I reassured him I want to and will wait for him!

Idk after realizing how much he does care about me and how great of a guy he is I start to think I'm really falling for him. I know he is dreams, thinks, and lives about and for the marines and does his thing but I basically can't get him out of my head or dreams! This is a fairly new relationship and its caused me to put so much trust into something but I feel like its going to be worth it. I don't want to have to wait 2 or 3 more months but I'd wait a year if I had too!!

So does anyone remember when they started falling/ realizing they were in love with their marine c:?
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I was actually talking to this other guy when I met Ryan. The other guy was a dr, tall and handsome and such a great guy, but we had ZEROO chemistry. We were all at a party and conversation was flowing with Ryan and the guy I was talking to got all mad and jealous and left. Ryan was leaving in 2 days for MOS school but there was just something about him that I liked. So I went over to his house and he was packing up all his things to leave and we just sat around talkin for hours. I left his house the same time he left for the airport. I remember leaving his house after 2 days I felt like I was leaving my other half behind and I knew right then that I was fallin for him and had to end it with the other guy. (dr guy and I weren't exclusive, just talking so don't think im a crazy cheater kinda thing). But Ryan and I continued to talk and almost a year later I couldn't be happier and I don't think anyone in the world could be more perfect for me.

Thats so sweet c: Its crazy how fast it happens for some people! I think I'd just find accepting being in love with someone really difficult

I didnt except it until he got home lol.. but totally worth waiting!!

I can see that. I probably wouldn't until he got home

I know what you mean. I realized I was falling for my Marine when I watched him walk away from me in the airport after he came to visit me for the first time after 3 months of talking/texting/phone calls/ Skype dates. We met on Facebook and now we are married (: but I remember watching him walk away thinking WOW I love that man. It was a crazy uncontrollable feeling. I knew he was the one. I know sounds crazy but we both fell fast and now he is an amazing husband <3 Goodluck to you and your man! (:

That sounds so sweet!! I can just imagine it (that sounds weird though xD) I remember the week I met him we spent a bunch of time together and when we where all at my house and were about to drive him to the airport I started crying and I kept crying and once he left I completely broke down! And thank you! I hope your marriage goes very well c:!