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Ok so i have this friend named Kirah shes not a bad girl and all but I've only known her for a few months well she keeps begging me to ask Kris if he has any single friends around but i haven't done it yet. so finally i asked her why she wanted Kris to hook her up with someone so bad and she said because she wanted a military man. i asked her why she wanted one so bad and she goes because she is depressed and wants a man to take her out and spend money on her. that kind of made me mad because one dating a military man does not cure any type of depression in reality it adds onto it and the guys aren't looking for girls that they can tend to and cure them they need girls that are just as strong as them and that can tend to their needs. they need us to wipe away the tears sometimes. two they are not made of money and i hate girls that think they are. three why would i jeopardize my relationship trying to find you a good man when all you want from him is his money and to show off that he is military. i told her don't ask me about hooking her up again because it wasn't going to happen and i explained to her how stupid and inconsiderate she sounded. i asked her what she was going to do if he had to go overseas or be called away for any reason cause then she'd be really depressed. and of course she didn't have an answer.
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She's watched too many movies that romanticize this life. lol you're response was definitely on point, maybe your question also opened her eyes as to how dumb of a reason she had. besides marines are the lowest paid branch..definitely not the way to go if ur a gold digger. some girls......I just don't know what to think lol

She doesn't sound like the best girl to be with a Marine :( We have to be just as strong as our men just like you said!

The last thing anyone should want is a man that is constantly away when they're depressed!

Trueee. Been a marine gf isnt easy at all!!!

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