He Said It =]

Last week when he was sleeping over, we got into a little.....disagreement if you will about something (which actually lasted for hours) But anywho, that's not important. Afterwards, he says softly in my ear I love you. =]
I don't think he's ever said that to anyone before and it was so sweet to hear. Just the other day, he added that he's so in love with me. It's not the same hearing in person, but just as sweet.

I have nothing else to add, lol just that it was so sweet to me
MochaChocolatte MochaChocolatte
6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Thanks guys ! ^___^

Awww the beginning of love is the best :)

lol aw thats adorable!!

Very sweet indeed. :)

That short little story gave me a big smile (:

so happy for you. I remember when my husband first said he loved me <3

Aww that's so sweet.