Nobody Said It Would Be Easy, But So Far I Love It!

So let me start by saying that I'm sorry for being so lost! Lol I've been so busy this past month, that I haven't had time to just sit and write/read stories. But so far life in Virginia is greeeeaaaattt! I mean the only reason why it's great is because of Nestor haha <3.

Anyway, here's an update: its too freaking cold!! I'm used to my miami sun haha. I've made new friends at work, they are all really nice to me. They invite me to their house, out for drinks etc... It's weird, but I like it lol. Im learning my way around the area little by little. I got a accepted to a good school, so I'm excited for that. We drove to NJ with Mylo to visit my uncle & cousins to spend thanksgiving together. My friend from Miami came all the way up here for 3 days just to visit. She's so sweet & a great friend for doing that. My parents are still a little sad with me being gone, especially my dad... He keeps telling me I left him alone with a broken heart ... I just change the subject immediately before he starts crying <3. And Mylo is behaving great! Thank god I have him here with me lol. He's my little companion, always by my side.

As for Nestor, he was sent to 29 palms for 18 days to work. He's been gone since November 25th. So I've been allllll alone in this new city/other world :(... Which is why I said thank god I have Mylo. He keeps me busy and sane lol. Luckily I have been able to talk to Nestor every day. He calls in the mornings, afternoons and then at night to say goodnight. I miss him soooo much its ridiculous! But time flies and he's already coming back THIS Friday!!!!! Waaahhhhhooooo ^_^ I can't wait to jump on him when I see him and hug him and kiss him and smell him ... And most importantly coming home to each other at night after work, and going to sleep together. I miss all of that! Lol am I too corny? I just love him .. A lot haha. And living him with him so far has been great. We get along very well. He helps out a lot around the apartment, he cooks, cleans, and walks & feeds Mylo when I'm not home. I love that he's so helpful :)

At least this experience is good for the both of us. It's a little preview of a deployment. And for some reason this time apart only brings us even closer and we fall more in love with each other. It's funny because today he said "hey babe, guesssss whaaaattt... Only 4 more days and I get to see you again!" hes counting down the days to come back, something i usually do lol. I love that he expresses and shows his love for me even when we are apart. I'm. In. Love.

Oh, AND we are planning a surprise visit down to Miami for New Year's Eve. If everything goes as planned, we will rent a car and drive with my little Mylo, I can't leave him behind! My plan is to just show up and surprise my dad.... He still doesn't know anything ... So I really hope everything goes smooth. Now to cross our fingers that Nestor gets those days off. I mean he says he is 99% sure he WILL get those days off, but I still have that thought of it possibly not getting approved. we will see!!

So as hard as this military life is/can be... I am making the best out of it and enjoying every single second spent with the love of my life.

I hope all of you ladies have been doing fantastic!!!! <3
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

yay! and lol the count down =] guys are so cute sometimes

Lol it's funny &amp; cute ^_^

definitely =]

Aw that's great i'm so happy for you it all working out the way it should be!!

Yeah, it feels great &lt;3 Thank you! :)