My Turn To Shout A Bit!!

Alright I need to shout so please just bare with me‼
AJ is a straight up guy he says stuff and means it and there’s no holding back on it at all he does it more with me because he knows I know its coming from a place where he actually cares however sometimes and I wont lie I hate hearing every single word that comes out his mouth to the point I actually want to slap him he knows what buttons to push and when to push them so the maddening part is no matter how pissed off I am at that point in time I know that without him and his little moments of truth I would be a different person there’s no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am right now if he wasn’t there because no one not a single person I know knows me the way he does the frustrating thing is I cant get mad at him without not instantly wanting to go over there and give him a hug him and wrap my arms around him and just never let go‼
AJ can be a jerk at times seriously there are times where I think he’s such an ******* he makes me furious that I have those moments of god Storm how did you land up here and why frigging AJ you should have known better the truth however is a little different AJ has taken my whole world and just turned it upside but holy crap there are times I hate him really honest to goodness hate him because he just doesn’t have a frigging clue. Then in the same breath I know as much as I hate him he the only person in the whole entire universe that could literally break my heart oh then to top the whole wonderful frustrating thing off is the constant reminder of how he’s always been around I actually cannot imagine my life without him in it he makes everything better he makes worthwhile by just being him‼‼‼‼ do you have any idea how frustrating that is?!?!?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong I’m not for one second saying I don’t put my foot down what I’m saying is I take one look at him and think aw shame before any words actually come out my mouth then I have act all tough and cross and all I want to do is hold him – very FRIGGING ANNOYING‼‼
Think you a little confused trust me trying being me; I’ve tried to wrap my brain around every single feeling I’ve ever had for him and only landed up right back at the beginning‼ AJ’s a boy, he’s big and occasionally mean and romance and love is at the bottom of the list of stuff he has to do, sometimes he just plain doesn’t have a frigging clue, however for me it’s not about the huge stuff or public confessions. I got involved knowing this and I’m not pissed because he’s not loving me enough trust he’s loving is just fine I take what get and good with that the fact is I’m pissed not at him but because there is no way not one single part me that actually can get mad at him for longer than five minutes – really we had a massive fight about something and actually cant remember about what it was about and I know that in about two seconds he’s going to come over and sit next to me kiss my forehead say something like I !@#$ing hate when we fight I’m going to put my head on his shoulder he’ll pull my pony tail we’ll hug talk a bit but truly I’ve already forgiven him before we even started fighting because really I hate fighting with him more I hate knowing that he’s this amazing guy that respects and trusts me no matter what happens he never goes out his way to hurt me and when I do get mad he listens and tries to fix it I have the utmost respect for him and I know I would do anything to just have 5 minutes with him that I cant be angry with for long and sends my spinning stomach hopping and knees collapse with the dorky grin and as I type this words I cant help think holy **** I think this is true love and it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to me either‼‼‼  
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Understand completely!! Hahaha if I'm mad at Ryan I have to leave the room so I can stay mad! And that lasts about 30 seconds before I miss him and go back to him. I try and stay mad but he laughs at my mad face and I can't help but laugh back. It's so annoying!!! Then he usually pulls me close to him and I know there is no hope at all in being mad. And the forgetting why your mad thing, same here!! Sometimes Ryan says "baby why you so mad?" and I always have to reply with "idk but I'm pi**ed off at you!" and then the laughing starts and the angry fit is gone. Ughh lol

I love this. :) its so frustrating and confusing at times but in the end its great because like you said its true love!

Aww I'm sorry this is the sweetest mad babble i've ever read! I love how much sense this makes to me. I don't think that I've ever actually been mad at Jim for more then 5 mins cuz by the time I'm done telling him what a jerk he is I'm done being mad. Jim is way more stubborn but he doesn't have the irish temper I do so it's rare that he actually gets mad. But they totally know we can't stay mad at them

I know and thats the worst part of the whole thing because he does know it actually takes an effort for me to actually get mad at anyone for any reason because i'm the type of person that kind of just talks it out unless you've done something very stupid so when I do get mad you know i'm mad because you were a dumbass or i feel strongly against what you just said he as in AJ is constantly trying to get me angry because he thinks by getting it out is a good thing. the extremely good news is i found out AJ cant get mad at me either for more than 5 min he said seriously Storm there's days i could actually strangle you but honestly it last for five minutes because i just cant get mad at you ever heehee i feel so much better lol

Aww at least it goes both ways!

Yeah Storm Kris and Aj must be long lost brothers lol. The song hard to love by lee Brice reminds me of Kris a lot. He's so stubborn and sometimes hard to get through to