Non-romantic And Stupid

sometimes i think Kris is so non romantic he's stupid. so we were on the phone and he tells me that he might be coming home a month early and of course i get excited well when were talking even though he cant see my face he knows when i get all excited because my voice goes up an octave and the first thing i say is really in a really girlish tone and then i sigh. and this dumb nut has the nerve to say why are you all excited its only a month early. i'm like ummm a month is a long a$$ time i'm glad they just decided to take one off then put one on he goes yeah i guess like he always does. i told him to just shut up cause i wasn't gonna explain it to him and then he just started laughing.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

lol that is funny you have to admit it!! AJ cracked up laughing the other day because one of our friends boyfriends is coming home from deployment a week early and when she told me I got all excited for her and we started making lists of stuff she needed to do and all AJ says is you realize its a week right and we both look at at him and say exactly and he says ok i get it is a deployment thing only when we got home he said why you excited about it so I said dude get when i read other peoples stories i get excited and worried and concerned and antsy and on occasion cry so when when its right in front of you honestly i'm going sit down and say oh that's great bully for you so he laughed and said so when its me and i say times that reaction by 20 and you may get an idea he kissed the top of my head and said you really are a nut - he gets it because honestly he's just as excited about it as you and by hearing your reaction it makes more exciting!!

Yea Kris is like the most non emotional person I've ever dated so when he does get excited with me im like whoa buddy back up where did that come from lol. I don't have any friends here who have boyfriends away or in the military that's why I get on here so much cause my friends will listen to me but they can't really give me advice