So Adorable

so i had to go to the doctors a few days ago because i blacked out when i was driving and of course we all know that ain't normal well when i was sitting in the waiting room i was talking to Kris and all of a sudden this couple walks in and they were the cutest couple i had ever seen the were really old and were holding hands the man was white and the woman was black i didn't see it at first but when they sat down the man had a marine logo tattooed on the inside of his wrist and idk it kind of made me tear up because that's where i want to be with Kris someday so in love that we spend eternity together. Seeing old couples together always gives me hope that if they can make i can make and to the see marine tattoo on his wrist gave me even more hope.
i never told kris about that maybe i will someday a long way from now when were old and married lol a story to tell my kids maybe
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

aw I'm the same AJ once called me an old person stalker lol i love watching old people especially the old in love ones that still hold hands it really does make you think ha one day that's so going to be me lol!!

Old couples are so cute when they smile at me my heart just lights up

This is so cute, I also hope that that will be My Marine and I someday! :)

aww love it!