Yet Another Update :)

Ok this is gonna be one of those posts where i just jump from topic to topic, bear with me :)
First, mi padre had his first round of outpatient physical/occupational/speech therapy today...they are expecting him to progress very well and he's got a good level of pain tolerance so he's just pushin right along with this weight bearing exercise stuff and his memory is getting better..yay!! he says as a warning to everyone-don't walk in front of cars and don't trust people in cars to be paying attention if you're walking near/across a road. he still can't remember the accident, and we don't expect him to considering the extent of his brain injury so we're not really sure what he was doing or how it happened but thats his advice to every random person.
Next, Nick's been snooping for further information on when they're coming home, i keep telling him whatever he finds i'm not gonna actually believe until he gets on a plane though there is a large part of me that hopes the date he gave me is right considering the lovely 2 week time frame we were given before is too vague for me to donut stalk. Though thinking of Storm's advice/comments i think i'm at that point where donut stalking is impossible.
I'm 2 days away from the end of another semester! woot woot! I am getting soooo impatient waiting for final grades to post and i havent even finished exams. blah. And the icing on the cake for me is i have a doctors appointment tomorrow, totally not looking forward to it. Unless i'm like insanely sick i would prefer not to come in contact with a medical facility..oh well, better suck it up i guess.
I found an "end of year challenge" earlier, if i can find where i saved it at i'll share it on here in another post. Hope all you ladies are well. If anyone wants to talk just message me:) It's a lazy procrastinate kinda night after nerf wars with the little bro
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I'm glad about your dad that's awesome news!! lol holding thumbs that you actually get that final date and fast whenever i get to the stage where they constantly starting changing dates i cont help think yay we getting to the end of it - seriously it's almost like clockwork so definitely holding thumbs and hope that you eventually get that frigging count down lol!! Good luck with finals!!

Thanks! Nick says I can't talk about my yay its almost over cuz it makes the days feel longer for lol so ready for that countdown to come and then end :)

I was just going to ask what donut stalking was haha. Downloading app... nooowww. But anyway I'm glad your dad is doing better and hopefully nick comes back before you know it! :)

Thanks! Beware, donut stalking can be addictive and you just want it to move faster at times lol

Glad to hear your dad is getting stronger and remembering things, positive steps forward!

Ok I've read it a few times and feel silly asking but can you explain donut stalking?

And YAY for the semester being almost over!!

Donut stalking is a countdown thing u can get a phone app called a donut of misery it shows how much time has passed and how much is left and if you google deployment donut you can find them for the computer too. Lol its nice to see your accomplishment of time passed in chart and number form

GOT IT!!! That's why I was so confused! Thanks girl

No problem :)