Anyone Else Feel This Way? This Is A Little Letter I Wrote To Give To My Man When He Returns.

I love writing, just love it and tonight as I sit here bored, lonely and with you weighing on my mind I decided that I would write something to you. I forget sometimes how important it is for you to know how much I love you. Maybe you feel I tell you too much, but I cannot contain my love anymore. Now that I understand love the way I do because of Jesus I just have to tell you. Baby, no one has ever been able to give me cold chills and be many many miles away except for you; just thinking of you gives me the sweetest chills all over my entire body. Life here without you makes my heart beat different, it literally skips a beat or two because just as well as my mind knows my heart also knows something is missing, but although it skips a few beats it keeps on beating because you are coming home soon. Things aren’t right without you, but when you return everything is going to be better then we could have ever imagined. Just my thoughts and dreams about you make me know life with you is going to be magnificent.
Love means a lot to me. As I read the Bible every night verse after verse talks about love and the verse that hangs above my desk, the one you sent to me explains what love is and what it should be. The verse you sent, “No matter what, my love will endure for you forever.” Boy does that sum up my love for you. When you say no matter what I know you mean it and I want you to know I also say no matter what! I l will always love you and cherish you no matter what happens. Love to me means loving you through everything and doing ANYTHING to make sure you are happy. There will be times where I will let you down, but I am not God, but only human and I promise to do my best at loving you with my whole heart at all times.
Although I feel like we are perfect and I tell myself you are perfect, we have to remember life is not perfect no matter how perfect we are for one another. As I look back at our relationship I see that we have come so far and it is all because love has a new meaning to both of us. I want to take this time to say I love you with every ounce of my body and I want to see eternity with you. As times get tough I ask that you keep me accountable for the words I type here tonight and I will do the same for you. We have to have each other’s backs no matter what, even in the times of hardship.
Today I was just blabbering on about you to my friends as always, and without even thinking I said, “I honestly believe that when God made me he thought of Keegan and made us for another.” They laughed, but I mean what I say. God made us for one another. It hurts so bad knowing you are gone, but knowing you are returning soon helps so much. As much as I could punch you for leaving I thank God every day for giving me you and also for giving America you. What you are doing is so selfless and that is why I love you oh so much! You have never thought of yourself, but only others. Don’t ever change my love, except in strengthening your relationship with God and myself. Always remember NO MATTER WHAT my love will endure for you forever.
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