If anyone of you has a marine in afghanistan, can you skype. My marine says that the camp hes in doesn't support videocalls???
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Mine is going in july.. :/


my marine was in afghanistan for 7 months. he got back in August. and i say ditto to what lexie said lol.

Ok, so you coudn't skype? Where were your marine?

yeah we did skype every now and then but it was only a handfull of times. he was at camp leatherneck. he was verrry busy over there.

Some of the camps don't have strong enough signal for skype and if he doesnt have his own computer and webcam then some camps don't have the video capable computers.

Thanks, have or are your Marine in Afghanistan?

@amje, he's not in afghan right now, but signal does suck where he's at and he goes out where we can't talk. I've had a lot of friends in afghanistan in the past though and skype capabilities were awesome for some and nonexistant for others.
@nazmel yes it's probably the signal, or he's using a crappy phone. but most likely the friend used to disconnect constantly when he called while out on a MEU, drove me crazy. Skype takes a ton more signal especially with using video than other things do so, if the phone is bad i'm sure wifi is worse.

@nazmel where are your boyfriend?
It really sucks when you can't here them. A is calling me too. And sometimes u can't here anything.

@ashbear101 yeah, I can't even imagine what's like over there, and how a day can be for them. Just hate to wait for emails and calls. Guess they really are superbusy.

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