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This is so off topic but do any of you know what the expressions ratchet and going ham mean
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lol i'm sorry i was so focused on something and its so left field i actually had to read it twice because i was more surprised than ever!! but you have your answer now you know!!

hahahah this made me laugh i was guna say the same thing but its already been said lol. I dont use ham, i use other alternatives but it all means the same and i only say yolo to make fun of the people that do say it only because they use it for dumb stuff like im guna go drink and drink cas YOLO no thats not yolo thats stupid lol. and yeah rachet means skanky but i know girls that think it means like super hot so they call themselves that...... lol

Yea ratchet is not cute lol at all. Kris is always saying it I think one day after every word I say I'm gonna say Yolo so he'll c how annoying that Is

I'm gonna be like hey Yolo babe Yolo how Yolo was Yolo your Yolo day yolo lol he'd hate me

hahaha its funny cause there was a picture floating around facebook a few weeks ago and it was a picture of a bunch of kids drinking and some skanky looking girls and it says "this isnt yolo" and then the picture underneath has some marines on duty and on that picture it says "this is" SOO truee!!

I would love to see that photo. Cause that is very true.

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Going ham means like going hard...and giving it as much as you can my husband says that alot lol ....rachet means like...ghetto, or sluty...something along those lines

I know what they mean the expressions are used a lot where I'm from lol I was just wondering if other people said em they overuse them in Va

And Yolo my bf stay sayin Yolo

Ive only had one person say yolo and i couldn't help but bust out laughing haha...and yea the whole.ham thing...i only hear my husband use that