S/o To Storm And Lexie

I'm just giving a shout out to Storm and Lexie you girls have really helped me a lot in getting through things and i always look forward to your encouraging words on here. So thankyou for being a friend even though you dont know me..... :D
missmyKris21 missmyKris21
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Aw you guys are all awesome really i think you've all got me through some pretty tough stuff yourselves and I think we all try where we can however this definitely has made my day a whole lot better so thank you and i'm glad to have a friend like you to!

This was definitely my day brightner :) I love reading everyones stories and its nice to be able to support others the way storm and everyone else has been there for me. I have to say though, this group wouldn't be what it is without Storm and her encouragement, advice and personal experiences :) I'm glad I can call you a friend and i always look forward to your posts!

Agreed! They are awesome! Thanks ladies!!