Broke Up

Has anyone had this experience? My bf James broke up with me because he is in Japan for 2 years and I'm in college and he said he couldnt take losing me. He wouldn't be able to do his work and so he thought it was better to break up. But then he started corresponding with another girl that we both knew in HS. I know he doesn't care about her, he never did. I think he's just using her for when he wants to talk to a girl. I know he truly loves me. Is this totally nuts or what? Has any ever experienced this?
atagirl17 atagirl17
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I agree with flowerchild i know its tough call but don't stop living your life because of this its his decision and unfortunately as much as you don't like it let him be - there's a whole lot probably going through his head right this second the only thing you can ever do is back off and just his friend and only if you can do that if or when he's ready he'll come to you - don't stop you life because of this remember that sometimes backing away and letting them do there own thing for a bit is the best thing that could ever happen to both you - good luck i hope you feel better!!