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Hey yall, soo I havent been on here in awhile. My boyfriend just recently graduated bootcamp at Parris Island on November 21st. He got RA and got to stay home for about 20 days. Yesterday we took him to Camp Geiger, NC for MCT. Of course I was sad and cried when I saw him walk off, but I knew I'd see him in 29 days or maybe even a few Weeks for Christmas break? But yesterday night I got a text from him saying that he doesnt start MCT until January 3rd because all of the spots were full for MCT. He cant come home for Christmas or anything, he has to just sit there until January 3rd, then he'll start his training. He told me he wishes he never joined and that breaks my heart cause I knew how much he wanted this for him and me and even our family we'll be having here soon. I'm just soo upset for him and needed to vent.
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AJ went through the same thing during training he kept saying how he never thought things would be the way they were once he had less down time and less time to think about it he became more positive about everything during deployments AJ goes through phases where he's on top of his game one minute and then has bouts of depression. Its always hard the first time because you don't know what to do the answer to that is simple just be yourself tell him funny stories or about your day the idiot that lives next door to me is hilarious every time AJ sees him he cracks up seriously by just walking past the guy i find something funny to say he's a complete nut job (he was convinced yesterday that aliens had abducted AJ and they are now using his body to infiltrate earth lol see funny!!)- you have to turn it around by just being there and supporting him before you know it he'll be back to his old self again - you'll get through this just be you distance is nothing compared to actually knowing that you have complete support behind you and unfortunately it has to be from you!! Be positive tell him about your day if cant just stupid non related marine or distance stuff take his mind off it what also helps is quizzies I constantly send AJ random quizzies and and blockwords or riddles or frigging puzzles just because i know that 10 min isn't about what he could be doing or where he is you just taking his mind off everything and thats the point - he's bored and its a HUGE problem! Good luck

Thanks yall! This all means a lot!

Ryan was the same way. He ended up being gone for 7 months. But once they started up I was able to go visit for the weekends. Ryan hated the marines and wished he hadnt joined also. Your job now as his lady is to be positive. Keep him as happy as possible. It will be hard, no matter what you do he will be slightly depressed. But stay strong and positive. Don't let the distance get the best of you no matter how hard. And once things pick up, they find the brotherhood again and things get a lot better. Good luck!!

Bryan has said that to me too so i know how your feeling...but all we can do is support them and give them encouraging words.because other than that there's nothing we can actually do

you two will get trough it. It sounds like yu have a god thing there. It's rough, yea. Long Distance Relationships always are. Been there. Just keep supporting each ther. You'll be great in the end. and it will get better for him I am sure.