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So this has nothing to do with anything important but do any of you get messages from random people that you dont have any groups in ccommon with asking weird/inappropriate/creepy questions? I've been getting that a lot lately and was wondering if there was any way to block people from contacting you.
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I block anyone that adds me to their circles that has a weird fetish as an experience. This is the ONLY experience I'm a part of. No I don't fantasize about being with other guys. Or pooping my panties. And while I am well bosomed, I don't like big boobs.

You can usually block them from their profile at the bottom there's a block button thing click that a message comes up of are sure you say yes and walah done - i get them to there's some real freaks on here i have to admit!!

I usually use my phone to get on this site and if I go to that persons page there is a button that say "more" and then a block button comes up. If there is someone sending you innapropriate things you can also report them. That button is right next to the block button! :)

It was creepy I got a guy once sent me a one page message asking about my love life and I was like umm stalker much lol

right! some people are just plain weird. that is creepy tho lol

this one guy kept asking if i was okay and sending me his number telling me he was italian and could show me an amazing time. i was like uhh im married thanks bye. and he keep sending me the same message ha

Block him fast!! Lol he's probably a professional stalker. I hate when guys say that too I can show you a good I'm always like how do you know I'm not having the time of my life right. now

Exactly.! Ha im going to definitely go attempt to block him lol

My husband was not happy at all. Ha

I usually just block the person. When people say that they're my "fan" it lets you go to their profiles and then on the left hand side there should be a block button. It's red. I'm pretty sure thats how it works anyway haha.

im not sure how to block but i get alot of that too, so i just went to account settings and go to communication and click the option to only allow friends from your circle to talk to you

Thanks!(: Im gna try that

no problem :)