I Heart These Lyrics Ladies

ok so here are lyrics to a song that i love...

I Need You     By: Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill

I wanna drink that shot of whiskey
I wanna smoke that cigarette
I wanna smell that sweet addiction on my breath
I wanna ride cross west Virginia on the backseat of a Cadillac
You know some cowboys like me go out like that so I need you

Like a needle needs a vein
Like Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs a rain
I need you like a lighthouse needs the coast
Like the father and the son needs the holy ghost
I need you

I wanna get lost in some corner booth
A canteena in Mexico
I wanna dance to the static of an a.m. radio
I wanna wrap the moon around us and lay beside you skin on skin
Make love til' the sun comes up and the sun goes down again cause i need you

I wanna drink that shot of whiskey
I wanna smoke that cigarette
You know some cowboys like me go like that I need you

i need you....


and heres the video if you want to watch it..(it sounds diff than the video though..it sounds better if you download it)........   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saHyv3rRHsk



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Awesome song, and beautiful music video =)

here is an awsome somg i suggest all of you to hear! :) <br />
Never Alone - by Lady Antebellum

i think what he means by the drugs is like shes like drugs to some ppl he cant live without her he thinks abt her all the time and ther is nothing anyone could say to change his mind abt how he feels abt her..hope this helps lol

that was sweet. i needed to hear that this morning, i agree with oolala, i dont get the needles things lol

one of the best tim mcgraw songs out there.

i love that song