Today Was Gonna Be A Great Day

So this morning I woke up with the thought of today will be a great day. I got to talk to Ryan yesterday and last night. I woke up missing him but not too much and then it all got bad when I walked into Starbucks and there was a navy guy in his uniform talking to some people. That single moment made me want to cry cause it made me miss Ryan so much more. I'm so proud I him for being a marine an being the man that accepts everything about me. He's definetly the man I love and want to be with more than anything
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I hate that really i once burst into tears when i went past a USMC billboard that i actually had to pull over and take a moment - he misses you just as much hope you feeling better!!

I am and I know he misses me, the past few night he's been texting me saying I miss you so it's good to hear it. And he's making alittle more effort to at least let me know, but this is after I told him it didn't feel like he cared about me like I do him. I think I made him realize how much I truly care about him and that I'm not going anywhere

ah, i know what you mean.
everytime i see a man in uniform it tugs at my heart strings... it doesnt exactly make me sad just makes me feel a little down.

but then the whole pride thing kicks in and i cant help but smile thinking of how proud i am to be married to such an amazing man and the fact he is a Marine i am also proud of too of course.

everytime my husband leaves i cry a little.. he always tell me babe you always know im coming home to you. so quit that crying and let me leave seeing that smile that i love so much(:

that always helps me not to feel so down (:

Aw he's so sweet and yeah I tried so hard not to cry and my day just got a thousand times worse because of my ex and all I want is Ryan to help settle me down!