My Internal Struggle About School Argh

I dont want to go to school....i KNOW i should but arghhhh. I feel like a little kid whose trying to convince their parent to let them stay home for the day. I have a passion for not wanting to go. Its been about 2 years since ive graduated and it IS about time i go and get some credits in. But i know what i want to go to school for and geez is it expensive, im not sure that its worth that much :(
I want to go in for baking and pastries at the art institute but dam its expensive as heck. Im going to start looking into online classes and see how much cheaper itll be. Bryan said he would give me his GI bill but after he gets out hell need to go to school too. I need to stop being a procrastinator. I always come up with some excuse as to why i "cant" go. I just need to freken jump into the pool already! :/
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Thank you to everyone. Im going to look into physical therapy because that's something else that interested me for a while. We'll see what Happens :)

I'm a former Marine, 68-71, and in my sixties I went back to college and earned a degree. Because I am 100% disabled, my wife just earned her Psych degree using my benefits. My children are also using the benefits to get a degree. We home-schooled and now they are in college, we all live together with the grandchildren , just one big happy family thanks to the Veterans Administration, we have a chance at a second, more fruitful life. Thank you all, and remember that it's knowledge that gives us true power in our life.

First: in the interest of full disclosure, I teach high school science so I tell EVERYONE they should love learning and get more education.

But - second: I also was in the USMC for 4 years and saw how stressful the military is on marriages. It seems that actually a majority did not last.

My advice, for what it's worth, is not to be dependent on someone else for your lifelong career plans.

Good luck to you.

Yup you do its sink or swim.........but make sue that you have a different attitude doing it our it will become something you will hate and not like!!

That's the problem....I already hate it haha but we're going to talk it over this week finally

so are you sure that is what you really want to do. It would suck if you spend all the money and are miserable and find out you really do hate it.

I think i have it in my head that its what i DONT want to do. But i need to have something under my belt for my future and well it wouldnt hurt to keep myself busy while hes away

If you are still young then just wait you have lots of time so don't do something just for the sake of having something under your belt. Try out some different jobs maybe that interest you then maybe it will spark something in you to pursue further. I think alot of times people just jump into something for the sake of having something without taking a bit of time to relax and breathe.

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Yeah I've been out of the school game for awhile. at times i feel like college just isn't for me and then sometimes i think of what my future would be like without college and because basically you need a degree for everything these days it makes rethink things. but most times i'm just like geez man forget school lol. but of course my parents push it on me so much and my older sister who acts like shes my second mother.

haha yeah im definitely like that. Bryan told me that same what kind of real job can i get so im just like argh he has a point!

Yea kris is the same way and I know he says that stuff mainly because he cares he's always like man up and go and I'm like I will lol next semester but I am getting more serious about it

I just turned 21 and i only went to school for a semester and then dropped out because i didnt like what i was taking and thats when i was 18 and i never went back ive been working ever since and trust me i kick myself everyday for doing that. Most of my friends are like on their third year of business degrees or nursing and im like blaaah. But then my cousin always tells me im still young and my parents say either travel right now or go back to school. So since im too broke to travel lol im thinking school... Atleast you know what you want i have like a pile of options but im to scared to pick because im like what if i do it and then hate it and then it becomes a waste of money ..?

As for cheaper institutes i duno how it works in America but in canada theirs like the institutes that are always yaaa to expensive then they have colleges that have university credentials that you could attend thats much cheaper but is recognized at the same level but just bigger classrooms, i would def look into it and im not sure how you feel about student loans but that could be an option? What i suggest is making an appt with the councellors and the different schools you decide on maybe pick like three and include the institute you want to go to and just go talk to them and then figure it out after you have all the info! I hope you can figure it out soon goodluck :)

yeah im going to look into different community colleges thatll be way cheaper for the mean time. I wish i could just travel instead

MEE TOOO! my parents make it sound so easy lol. I just bought a car a couple months ago too and the payments plus insurance are out the roof so even if i wanted to i couldnt, i make enough money that i could travel but now that i have a car half my pay cheques go to just that. I love my car but damn never buy brand new lol.. I think right now because your husband is a marine and hes away you should figure out the school thing as soon as you can, because you want to be able to have yourself balanced right, thats how i felt anyways. Plus id feel sad to travel without my husband, i duno if youd feel the same way but sometimes i guess its nice to just get away

Yeah my car might be old but it runs.amazing and i dont have to make any payments! Im away from him as it is i would hate to add unnecessary distance at this point. Yeah he wants me to do some research and then we'll talk about all the options :)

Im right there with you when it comes to going back to school. I've been putting it off and putting it off but August im starting a CNA program. Cody told me the same thing cause he said they could give it to a dependant, I told him not to cause he needs it when he gets out 2015.(im hoping lol) Girl ha I too make up every excuse in the book I can think of! Is there anyway financial aide or anything will help with schooling like that??

Im hoping things work out for you! (:
Goodluck <3

My current excuse is that hopefully in a couple of months ill move to where ever he gets stationed soon! but i know thats a long shot from now haha. Im sure financial aid can help. I just see a point in starting yet because we arent really settled anywhere yet

That was my excuse. I was like ill wait till you get your orders blah blah. But now he's going to Japan for 2yrs and im staying in the states looks like im out of excuses now ha

oh dang! argh hope that doesnt happen! he almost got stationed in Hawaii for his C school so ill see what happens next haha good luck to the BOTH of us! :)

Right! Thank you and yes good luck to us BOTH (: we can do it.!

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