OK ladies so i get my little friend this month and every time she comes along i always get paranoid i don't know why i just cant help it all these emotions and thoughts just run right through me and i think it really affects my relationship because i'm always thinking that i'm not good enough for Kris and that he's going to leave me so i end up apologizing for things that i didn't do or trying to fix things that aren't messed up. i feel like i do to much and sometimes its to much for him to handle. i always felt like it would be easier to deal with when he comes home because i'd be around him more and we could talk face to face but right now we cant do that and i'll get paranoid if i say something and he doesn't say something to me for hours i'll get paranoid i know i shouldn't because he's probably busy and all. but when he's gone i always convince myself that i'm not doing enough for him or to be with him. i just wish i didn't think like that. he's told me before that he wished i didn't think so negative and I've tried but every time this time a month comes along i keep thinking the same thing. that i don't want to lose him but what if it happens. so during this time of month i try my best to seem more causal and not so uptight and i try not to bring up and serious conversation unless i have to because i know it would probably make me break down and i don't want to do that.
Does anyone else ever feel like this at their certain time of month? i know its my emotions getting the best of me and i'm trying to not let them.
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Honestly this happend to me once before with my ex i just was in sucha bad pissy mood for like 3 days straight and i didnt know why i didnt want to talk to him, i was mad at him for being gone i was sad so when i finally did talk to him i just started balling my eyes out had no idea why lol then i got my period so i was like wtf cas it had never happend before, but after that it started happening everytime so i just told him this is when i get it so beware haha he pretty much knew when and why i was being the way i was because it wasnt all the time it would just happen randomly.

But as for feeling insecure its totally normal especially when you cant be with that person all the time or when they leave abruptly and you dont know why because they dont have time to tell you and then you have to wait hours or sometimes days. I would say everyday tell yourself that all he needs is to know your are there, all he wants is to have you there for support and to love him and tell yourself you are good enough atleast once a day, at first it'll seem crazy cas your battling your own emotions but believe me it works, after you say it so much you will i gurantee you start believeing it, i know this because im living proof lol. Not just with him but with anything if you can tell yourself a lie everyday (your not good enough) and believe it then why cant you tell yourself the truth and believe it? I really hope you do this i know it may seem like a chore but i think this will help, and tell him what happens to you, almost 100% of the time when you start talking about period symptoms guys will to avoid the topic agree and forgive lol

I'm the same way lol. Nicks gotten the point where if I'm argumentative, crying a lot and abnormally negative he'll be like so when's the last time you had chocolate and mt dew? It drives him crazy im sure and he's not always great at putting up with it but I'll warn him or leave him to figure it out and things go back to normal when its over. I feel crazy everytime though

Yea I always tell Kris hey I'm a gonna be a b!tch this week I apologize in advance but everything you do is going to be so wrong and just make me so mad

I know its insane right!! AJ and I have been friends for so long that he reads my moods so easily and he seems to just know lol it's not hard. I get the worst PMS in the frigging world i hate guys in all shapes and forms and they all become jerks and pigs and actually irritate the living crap out me just by breathing - don't ask why they just do!! I actually remember AJ and one of his friends brought over this guy before a surfing competition and we at that stage we were just friends and this guy was a particular special type and everything he said i'd argue with and eventually AJ said in this particular case it really is her and not you ha he's a boy and they all pigs so clearly it was him!! then from my hate all male mood i go to this complete emotional ball of wreck really i once hit a dove and came home and was crying because i was a murderer and AJ said Stormy it was just a dove there's tons of them and then cried even more because that particular dove suddenly had a family and kids waiting for it to come home and that dam puppy advert i swear every frigging time it's on i cry how is it even possible!! So my point is AJ knows me really well and kind of just knows when our little friend visits and then kind of backs off and always buys ice cream and chocolate sauce as a peace offering because it really does heal all wounds he also finds that time extremely amusing and its i become a complete nut job lol!! Learn to laugh at yourself seriously its the only way i mean i know i go a little nutty so i kind of just laugh it off AJ knows as well and kind of judges the situation before making a joke or handing over the ice cream lol good luck!!

When I come on every man is an a$$ except for my daddy.

I right there with you! I get emotionally crazy the week before i start and its worse the week of. Ill get sad over the smallest things that he'll say. And i cry alot...over nothing like movies.. Thats also the time when all my insecurities about everything decide to pop out but in the crazyness its not like it lasts forever. Sometimes you both just have to laugh it off and remind yourself that your being crazy over nothing. Bryan knows how i get to he plays it off and just tries to comfort me and reassure me that everything with us is just fine

Yea the week before I am a mess and then the week of I'm an emotional wreck like right now I'm a mess im afraid of what next week will be like. Yesterday I was looking at music videos online and then a military video showed up for a song I liked I clicked on it and from then on for like 4 hours last night I was looking at videos that people made of missing thier marines and being in love and I.cried and then i felt stupid because i did that to myself

Thats how it always starts! you see something interesting and then you cant stop. But dont beat yourself up about that we all watch videos like that. I started watching cute proposal videos and some how started watching coming home videos. I get emotional with anything like that because i can put myself in their shoes. You just have to go with the flow sometimes and remember the exaggerated emotinalness will go away. But if you ever need to just vent im always on here with my phone :)

Thanks a lot I feel like I will be venting a lot the next week