Zodiac Compatibility

I don't usually look at zodiac signs and compatability at all I don't really pay attention to that stuff but something my friend told me made me go look it up I read a few articles and then I googled me and Kris sign Kris is a Capricorn and I'm a Pisces it says that those two are the perfect match for eachother. Ive never actually seen a Capricorn male and Pisces woman match but out of all the guys I've been with Kris has def kept my attention the longest. do any of you have any experience with this type of stuff or know more about the compatability of zodiac sign cause Idk know jack squat lol but I am a little more interested ive always wondered if it was true that zodiac signs that did match worked better in a relationship than ones that didn't.
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oh girllll im all about zodiac signs haha, i can literally sit on the computer looking this up allll day! I know some really good sights that describe each sign pretty in depth if you want the links to it? I always check my compatibility before i date someone i dont neccasarily listen to it but its just nice to check out, my ex was a taurus and im a sag we are not compatible at all but i still dated him lol. But yeah if you want the links let me know :)

Yea I'd like them. Im just curious it says that Kris and I are perfect for eachother on other sites

ok ill look them up today while im at work lol and send them to your inbox!!

I tried sending it via inbox but it wouldnt let me kept saying cannot send lol so here!!



I think my extent of knowing this stuff is on the odd occasion coming across star signs and reading them for fun thats about it however when you mentioned it I looked up mine and AJ's compatibility and apparently we better off friends lol i always knew he was a good friend!!

That is so cool :)
I am a Pisces too and my Chris is a Capricorn!
And I really have never met anyone so perfect for me...

When I read it said that cap men are stubborn and set in their ways and it kinda made me open my eyes cause Kris is deff that way. But even though he makes me wanna pull my hair out I also feel like he's the best thing that happened to me

It also said that they were non emotional in words but showed a lot in their actions and Kris is like that hell hold my hanf at random times. Does yours say it or show it more. When's ur bday mines is march?

March 6th :)