I Think Hes Mad

It always seems like Kris is mad and on edge when its that time of the month for me. I tried texting him last night I didn't even say much and he just got so mad I don't know where it came from he didn't yell or anything but I could tell in his voice because his voice got deeper. And today I texts him this morning and all he said the whole conversation was k like two times. He's always said he'd tell me if something were wrong and I believe him of course but I feel like he isn't telling me something.
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I feel like im creeping on all your stories lol.. But i think its really annoying when you know somethings wrong and you dont know how to get it out of them because you just wana help and make it better, but i also know that when im mad personally i would rather be left alone or just have the subject changed until i just bring it up myself, so maybe kris needs the space because he needs to digest whatever it is that happend or pissed him off? I think just letting him know your there if he needs maybe just send him a text saying okay well i ll let you go but text me when you want to talk with a smiley or something and then leaving it at that as hard as that may seem lol hope things turn around though :)

I texted him this morning and said have a good day baby I'm gonna chill for a little though

hey late reply but hows everything now ??

It happens and I hate it. But I can be like that too. Sometimes I annoyed about little things about my relationship and I don't tell him. He notices and asks but you know us girls are complicated haha. I don't tell him and we get into small arguments about it. Other times he doesn't say anything when I know something is bothering him. It goes both ways. Just be patient. Be calm and let him know that you're there for him no matter what. Reassure him that you love him too. He'll feel much more comfortable talking to you about what is bothering him.

I really diislike when they do that. Same problem here :/