I Need Opinions!! :d


The website above is the website of the resteraunt that Alexis taking me to on Christmas Eve! well He will be wearing his dress blues. Can you please take a look at this place and let me know your opinion on what i should wear? im def going to wear a dress but should i wear a long one or a short length one? lol your thoughts are greatly apreciated!! i just dont wanna go and stick out like a sore thumb because my "attire" isn't right or too "loud" lol
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

ahhh im about to copy lex and storm lol but right as i was reading this and thinking of his blues and you i thought that would like so gorg if she wore a cocktail dress!! If your concerned about sticking out (which isnt a bad thing :p) then cocktail is probably a little safer but still will be beautiful!! :) be sure to share a picture with us!!!

Storm took the words right outta my mouth I definitely say cocktail dress it will compliment his blues and fit the location

You can never go wrong with long - but that's not what i was going to say it just sounded cool in my head and it rhymed now that its out there it actually doesn't sound that cool!! Honestly either would be good he's getting all dressed up but you could wear a cocktail dress and still look good and compliment what he's wearing i say cocktail because i think if you wear that black or blue or even white cocktail dress and heals you'll compliment each other perfectly - i'm leaning to white because i think it would look amazing!!