So Sad.!

I can't believe what happened in Connecticut an elementary school. My prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the families.

As a parent myself I can't imagine what they are going through. It's so sad what this world is coming to.

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Very sad and it is time for a serious look into this behavior.

I duno if you know the whole story i just googled it for the last hour, it was a 20 year old guy Ryan Lanza his mother was the teacher of that kindergarten classroom, he had three guns with him one of which was a ****** automatic gun (why he had that is friggin beyond me!!!) He shot his mom first then started shooting everyone else then himself, his g/f and her friend are still missing at this point.

i completely agree. i dont have any children but i am an older sister and cousin to a lot of younger ones and just the thought made me cvry. Ive been so upset at work i turned off all the christmas music but i cant even stand it, it wont be a happy christmas whether you lost someone today or not i know anyone and everyone will have this in the back of their minds this holiday i know i most def will, to know that the world we all share and live in has such disgusting people in it, incident after incident im just wondering when this will all stop. Its so ironic that i just posted the lyrics to a song and that same song i listened to today and it made me so angry because i dont think this will end as depressing as i may sound its sickening.

After i watched obamas reaction to this i just couldnt hold back i was full blown crying, i couldnt stop thinking about all the small kids and all the kids in my life and the ones i use to work with at my old job at the daycare smh. Just wrong my heart mind and prayers will be with all those families this year forsure.

My heart is totally broken! I couldn't imagine this happening to my little ones.

Right! It makes cry even imagining the pain they are feeling. It said 27 dead 18 were children and most the shooting took place in kindergarten class rooms :(

It's terrible and all I want right now it's to go hug my babies but I'm at work so I wi be hugging them tight tonight