True Love Story

Where to begin... I love to hear stories about love. If you like to share your experience leave a comment. If you have any questions please ask me. (: Id love to help in anyway possible. I'm the proud girlfriend of a marine and want to connect with other people who are going through the same thing.
Well here is were my love story starts.
People say you will know true love when you see it.
But that wasn't the case for me. Oh how he saw it way before i did.
It was a Friday afternoon. The floor was wet from the morning rain and I was talking to my friend Jared who suggested we go out to get something to eat. I told him that sounded great. (: But then he said that we should wait a little because he invited someone to come with us. As i reply to him the more the marry-er. We waited and waited and waited some more and no one came. When I get hungry I get grumpy. So i told Jared if he didn't come in the next ten minutes me are leaving him he can meet us there. But he finally did arrived 6'2, red hair, blue eyes, with glasses guy. Rock'n some striped shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Jared said, "Ariannah this Jacob, Jacob this is Ariannah." "Nice to meet you Jacob." I said with a little attitude in my voice because i was annoyed because he was a hour and a half late and i was starving!!! "nice to meet you to." Said Jacob. We all went out to eat and we had a good time. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend because I just got out of relationship in which I though that guy was the one. So i was just try to focus on me. Jacob never came up on my girl radar. You know when you scan the room and see who would be potentially a good guy to date. So i didn't think much of him. But little did i know this kid was going to be the love of my life. Months went by and we grew close. We first started to txt a little bit here and there. then we started to hanging out everyday and staying up late talking on the phone with each other. you know when your super tired but you stay up because your just so interested in them and you want to know more about them. We grew close and fast. I ask him now and he says from the first time he saw me he knew he wanted to be with me. Can you say love at first sight? Well We have been in a year and 2 months relationship now. He is my love and He does the cutest things. (: Ill have to post all the cute things he does later. But hes going into the marines now and I know its going to be hard. But our love is strong, and heart our bound, and everyday I smile because I know hes the only one for me. <3 People always thank the military men for what they do and that's great they should. But from a fellow marine girlfriend/ military brat who has life a military life her whole life i'd like to say Thank you to all the Wives, Girl friends, and family members that have supported their loved ones that are serving in the military. You are the back bone of every great man and women that is serving our country. I understand the sacrifices that military families make because I have lived it myself. For every Christmas that he wasn't able to be there for, every birthday missed, from not being able to be in contact with him for weeks, for staying strong for your children. Thank you! For giving up so much and staying strong. (:

Love: Proud Marine Girlfriend Ariannah(:

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This was cute :)