Are You Going To See Your Marine For The Holidays?

Hey ladies! So i have some doubts whether or not i will see my handsome marine boyfriend. Hes in MOS school in missouri. I live in california and so does his family. He graduates from his school December 19, which is this wednesday. After that he immediately is stationed in north carolina. What is the likelyhood that the guys will let my boyfriend come home???
Im so worried and scared that they will say no. And my marine boyfriend is scared too! Im hoping for the best. He already bought his plane ticket and he will stay in california for 12 days instead of the typical 10 days.. Will he get in trouble? :O I'm just wondering.. Im scared. Please let me know ladies. I hope you girls get to see your marine over the holidays.
Take care!
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

He should get a few days at Christmas regardless. Not to mention, they customarily get 10 days off after they finish MOS school. I'd be surprised if this was an issue...

Yeah.... this is a toughy... Lexie is right too. kinda depends on who he ends up stationed with. Most people submitted for Christmas leave a while ago, I've never heard of anyone taking leave within 5 days of joining the fleet...and also was he planning on flying from nc or right out of mos?

Will he be stationed at camp lejune or camp geiger NC? Cause I know that both of them let them leave on Christmas day and the day after. But my boyfriends only in mct training.