Brain Overload!

so i really dont have anything to say of much importance or anything special. i just have a lot on my mind and for the past couple days my emotions and my ability to keep it together have been getting thin. so im apologizing now if my story is a little long.

First, so in january im going to meet my in-laws for the first time ever. i mean i have talked to his mom thru emails and ive spoken to his sister thru text and stuff. they seem like really sweet people especially his mom. i cant lie i am very nervous, i want to leave a great impression on them and show that their son married a good woman. I'm also trying to think of ways to not start balling when they bring up my husband having to spend the 2yrs in japan and how im feeling about it..... eek any advice about meeting in laws for the first time?

second, so my husband got orders to Japan for the next 2yrs. which when we found out my heart literally sank. partly because we were in the middle of planning our wedding that we were hoping was gna happen on April 27th of next year. and the main reason was because i knew my son and i would not be able to follow him cause my sons dead beat of father wont let me take him out of the country.(but thats a whole nother story). But we got partly what we wanted we ended up getting married the November 26th (: which i couldnt be happier. it was the happiest day of my life because i knew i was marrying the love of my life. so fast forward at first when i found out about his new orders i was a complete mess and sad.. staying in bed and sulking. i snapped out of it after about a week and decided to change my attitude and make the best of everything and think positive. which i still am trying to do. the other day cody and i were talking, we had a very serious yet good much needed talk about what our plans were the next 2yrs and he explained to me about the unit hes going to and what hes going to be doing and everything. this unit i guess is a high intensity unit and they train a lot and very frequently. he also said what i didnt want to hear was that its not a matter of if he deploys it just a matter of when.

this i guess is a "dream unit" for some one in his mos. and i know he will enjoy is job for once and everything will be okay. right now at this moment im tired of being strong and holding everything in. i wanna cry and i wanna hold him. im mad/sad/happy/ worried/ every emotion you can think of. i hold it in cause i dont wanna seem needy or sound dumb. i dont talk to relatives cause they just call me wimpy or they just cry with me and make it worse ha. i dont wanna talk to my mom cause i dont wanna hurt her by seeing me hurt.... and telling cody well thats just not an option right now. he is worried about me and my son already as it is and everything else, so i wanna keep my brave face on.

sometimes i jsut crawl under my blankets and hide/cry/ think. its easier when im all alone.

okay im done i feel a little better already. i just want all you ladies on here to know. all your stories/advice is amazing <3
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I understand the pain you go through. I hide under my blankets and cry too haha : but we have to keep our chins up high. Dont give up. Think about how your marine would want you happy. And keep your mind busy. Keep thinking positive. And think about the butterflies you get the day before you know your going to see him. <3 :)
Take care!

Let me add I know this isn't the same as a deployment but it still hurts. And of course in the end im.gna be strong and support him and be positive im just having a weak moment.

He Morgii, is there any way to work it that you can go with him. I know you said it was a long story - but when it comes to military marriages there isn't a court in the world who is going to tell you you can't go.

Whats the deal darlin? Don't cross off any possibilities just yet - there might be another option.

Hi there (:
Im still taking him to court after he leaves in January and things aren't so hectic like they are now. But the reason I think I won't be able to go is that we have 50/50 custody he gets him every other weekend. He doesn't help me financially at all.. he isn't a good role model. Doesn't work. Is 26 and refuses to leave mommies house. He's not stable. And I know he will refuse to let me take him and fight me about it. Id be happy if they let me go even for just a year since he'd be there two. Half the time would be better than nothing.

I won't give up tho (:

If you are the more stable parent and you file for complete custody - the courts will give your boy to you in a heartbeat. Courts usually favor the mother and you actually have your **** together. File for custody - you will get it and then you can move with your husband. :)