Missing Him Already =(

I've known my marine for 2 years now.  We actually met through his mother, I work with her.  We started our relationship on very strange terms, as I am in New Hampshire, and he is stationed over in Japan.  It has actually made our bond that much stronger, the long distance thing I mean.  I have honestly never gotten so close to anyone like this ever.  All we had was our phone and internet conversations, which meant the world to me.  Justin came home finally for his deployment leave a few weeks ago.  I can't even begin to explain how amazing it felt to see him for the first time in months.  Being in his arms felt like home.  For the first 2 days of his leave he wouldn't let go of me.  Did I want him to? Of course not!  I will relive the weeks spent until I can see him again.  I dropped him off at the airport friday morning.  Quite possibly the hardest thing i've ever had to do.  I cant tell you how many times i tried to walk away, but kept coming back.  How do you leave your soldier, knowing it will be months until you can see them again? I know i will eventually be able to stop crying, and return to the normal rat race, but right now i feel like you could drive a truck through the hole in my heart. 

This is my first deployment, I knew it was going to be difficult, I just couldnt fathom it being like this.  We stayed up the whole night before, so I was tired.  I came home, walked into my bedroom, sat on my bed, and had to get up.  I couldn't sleep there, it hurt too much.  Knowing he was just there hours before was so painful.  The night before I was sleeping with him, and now I am back to sleeping with my phone....

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Oh they do change, all the time. He was sopposed to have a 30day leave before leaving for the desert, ya it was cut to 2weeks a week before he came home! Does anyone else know how difficult it is to get an international ticket changed? Ughhh!

Totally understand!!! Never gets any easier that is for sure. i am just glad mine is home safely and hopfully for a while. never know though thinks change all the time from what i have learned.

im not in the same exact boat as you but i def feel your pain. my boy is still in bootcamp, and i feel the same exact way. Like hisangel said keep your chin up and stay strong. Your in the right place for support. We're all here for you

keep your chin up girl!!! we're all here for ya and your man is in our prayers!!!!

Thanks I appreciate it. He is being deployed to Iraq, which he said is a good thing, rather than Afghanistan, he said its really pretty bad over there right now.