Some Short Poems/quotes I Wrote (=

 hey ladies! ok so here are a couple short poems/quotes that i wrote about my marine being away.. I wrote most of them awhile ago but i though i would just post them anyways cause i thought yall might like something to read if your bored (= .......


"The way you make me feel is indescribable. I havent heard your voice in days, yet i can hear you in my head still constantly telling me that im beautiful. I miss your scent on my clothes, your smile, the way we used to always kiss in the car when we were stopped at a red light. I feel empty without you here, but i know that you are really still here with me...your in my heart."


"its you i need here with me. To save me from all the pretenders and fakes in life...i need someone real..someone that will fight for me and stand up for me and put their everything in wanting to be with me...i need someone like you in my life...and im never letting you go..."

"Its crazy...when you hear someones voice for the first time in a month, its like the world around you stops completely, and you two are the only ones who feel alive.."

       <3 holls.. <3

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thanks dear =)

those were so cute definitly made me cry haha :)

so beautiful and touching..i loved them

aww hollie! those were cute!

they are so precious!!<br />
nice work girly

i loved them =]