Am I Asking For Too Much?

Okay, so for starters I met this guy in high school he's a yr older than i am, he joined the marines a year ago and we reconnected on Facebook (i wrote him). He had just got out of a 2 yr relationship prior to talking to me and as we slowly began to talk we both really liked each other. A month after talking he came down for 4 days and he introduced me to his family and i introduced him to mine. This was the beginning of our relationship. We use to talk so much more before we made it official and i felt as if he liked me more. Now we only get to really talk every 2 weeks but during the other 2 weeks that we can talk more he always seems busy or just wanting to hang out with his boys. I dont mind that but honestly we wake up say good morning talk for about 2-4 minutes and he says hes going to get ready and get some breakfast. we text during the day a little and the last call is our goodnight call for like 10-20 mins max. I have brought this up so many times to him and i just ask him for more attention and time and he says hes sorry and he'll give me that but it goes back to normal within 3 days... Ive brought this up more than 3 times and weve only been together for 5 months. Hes stationed out in Wa and i live in Ca. I flew out there 3 months ago for the ball and we had an amazing time but this last time he came home here we argued over the stupidest things. It seemed like he just wanted to have sex and would do the most just to. It just seems like he doesnt care to talk to me even after not being able to talk to me that much for 2 weeks. Im always open and it seems like when ever we talk is just whenever he wants to. I never say no because im the one bugging about talking and if i say i cant talk or skype he'll bring up the fact that when we can talk i can't. Ive tried not to be so available but its hard because i know that i only have 2 weeks to really talk to him before we get limited to talking again. As ive pointed things out to him, he always tells me that if he really didnt want to talk to me, he wouldnt have spent more time with me than his family when he came home or that he wouldnt call me during the 2 weeks. Also, on Facebook he never post anything about me and he doesnt post any pictures and we do have pictures from the ball and when he cme hime. his excuse is that he doesnt really go on... things just dont seem right to me, but sometimes i feel like im asking for too much? I know his day is busy and hectic but all he wants to do is hang out with his boys, drink, and watch football or something. Im always put last before he goes to bed and its for less than 20 mins or so...
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Jan 5, 2013