I'm Really Scared!

So Jay called last night, and he told me he was chosen to lead a contact team so he'll be in front of the infantry knocking down doors and stuff and he'll be gone for like 45 days at a time... I'm a little more nervous now. he said that he's excited about it, (obviously, he is a Marine) so i told him I'm proud of him, but lets be serious,  i was way better off when i thought he'd be sitting around a base all day! He says that if he didn't take it and he got promoted he probably wouldn't be able to deploy again, and with a change in the President coming up there would be a chance that he wouldn't get to be deployed again so he wanted to make this one count.

a few tears came strolling down, i had a friend over watching a show that shes OBSESSED with and she was just like oh, thats too bad, and went right back to her show! i was so mad! like thats when i noticed that people really don't get it...


so anyway, I'm sad, I'm scared, i don't know what i am. he hasn't told him mom yet so i cant call her... i don't know what to do... well i cant do anything, but *sigh* thats all I've got, i had to tell someone that would understand.... 

thanks for reading my ranting!

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4 Responses Aug 8, 2008

you defininitely made him feel good saying you were proud! and it's very true being a marine they all want to be where the action is while you're here worrying your heart to pieces. keep your chin up and stay strong we're all here for you :)

hey girl i know how u feel. im kinda in the same situation but matt is over in afganistan right now n wont be comin home til 7 months n i hope they dont extend it. well im sorry that your friend was not to caring about it but i am here for you!<br />
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ALL US MARINE GIRLFRIENDS will get through this TAOGETHER!! :)<br />
<br />
hey look on the bright side at least he called to tell u that. im waiting to hear from matt again i miss him so much.

thanks ladies... i hate this a lot... i stress too much anyway lol

love i would be the same way you are...but you have to try and not think about it...our marines want to be in the action and want to fight and knock down doors and all of that..yes, it is extrememly scary for us girlfriends/fiances/wives...but i guess its something that we just have to deal with...and you did exactly the right thing by telling him how proud you are...<br />
and for your friend..psh none of my friends understance anything about havinh a realtionship with a marine either..(their prob just a little jealous too ;)