Threw a Desk At a Di!

so i just made a post about how my boyfriend sent me two letters today. In one of the letters he was like so my bunk mate got kicked out. i guess taylor (my boyfriend) and this boy were being punks and have been like talking back and egging eachother on, i guess like the worst two in there company and all this stuff so they tried to break them up and give them each new bunkmates. so taylors bunkmate i guess got wicked mad and threw a desk at the DI and got sent home. like what?! yes a desk. i thought that was intense and i wanted to share it with someone so i though you guys would enjoy it hahah.

just a little entertainment for you girls afternoons :)

ja8nine10 ja8nine10
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2008

hahaha jeeeez!

oh my God! lol thats crazy, at least Taylor didn't throw anything!

ha ha hope it wasnt my bf! lol

wow thats crazy