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I have been with my marine for 5 years which is also the entirety of his service. I currently live with my boyfriend but he is to deploy soon here come March. This is my second deployment with him but the hardest part is his mother. She is constant battle with me for his attention and is constantly mad at him if he doesn't call her every single day. I feel like I am battling another girlfriend and for one, I'm not even trying to. The first deployment was just like this and I just don't know how to deal anymore. He's not an only child he's just been the favorite of the two his ENTIRE life. I need some type of support because it is rare to meet anyone with these same circumstances. My boyfriend doesn't want to get in the middle of this and nor does he want to chose so I am stuck. I love him very much but I'm starting to not be able to take all of this confrontation, especially when he's just in training. Where I live there aren't too many marines or girlfriends. We live closer to an AFB and the nearest Marine station (because it's not a base) is over an hour away. I need to find people to connect with just in general I have no one to talk to.
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You are in a difficult situation, there is nothing you can do there. And it is not for him to choose but to clarify to his mom how things are going to be, because he may not be able to call you both on a same day. I would tell you to try to friends up with her, but if that doesn't work he is the one that has to talk with the mom and move on, his mom will understand when she sees his determination.

Mothers can definitely be overwhelming. He needs to just remember to call you as much as he can also. Just think about how much you love him and multiply it times however many years he's been alive. Thats a Mommas love and you will always have to share him with her. Its not fun or easy though! But just make sure he calls you often also. And since you live with him soak up all the attention you can get now!! Be strong! You can make it!!

My name is Ashlee and my Marines name is Alex. everyone on here is great for support! if you need anything, advice or to just vent, you can message me, im on almost everyday! :]