Im Being Such A Whiney Little Girl >:(

well Alex and i got a fish while he was back and today it died... :[ recently ive been supper emotional.. last night i watched the last song, the note book (with extended scenes) and the time travelers wife. I guess im just in a hopless romantic mood. i dont know what is with me and i dont like it. he's been at his buddies house all weekend, which is cool i love it when he goes and gets off base for a few days, its good for him. i love him and i know when he's with his buds he gets distracted a lot aand forgets to text or doesn't hear his phone and that all okay with me. today we skyped cuz hes back at bas n all but i just felt like he wasn't enjoying the conversation. finally he decided he wanted to end his night watching a TV series and we hung up. I dont know why i feel hurt by that normally i dont care but tonight just the thought kinda stings a little. im being such a whiney baby about this. gosh im so but hurt. lol
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Aww you should have invited mee :( i love those movies we could have cried togethr. Awww am sorry about your fish....

Hi ashbear101!

Im going to tell you this, that i have discovered over my dating time (civilians and not civilians). Guys are NOT like us, no, no, no. They can go on a weekend and have a good time, missing us, but have the good. We in the other hand are there but not there, thinking on "oh what if he was here?" Example: My Marine went to his buddy's last Saturday night to watch the football game and when on UA to me (haha that is how I call it) all the day until my Sunday 1800 (we have an awful time zone difference). End point: they do it

When he is with this friends, DON'T stalk him, just send him an one and only message saying whatever you want and wait for him to answer back when done (unless of course its an emergency). They also need their time, have fun with the friends without feeling guilty about it.

Thank you for the movies, I will watch them all! Regarding the fish, if you want an easy fish I would recommend you the Beta fish, they are from Asia, they fight a lot (they kill other fishes) so one fish would do it, live on standing water and you don't have to change the water in 3 days and no need of a heater, they do good on fish balls. They have beautiful colors also. You will feed him every two to three days.


It happens! Something that you two have gotten together means a lot more to you than something you got alone! I've been there and done that!

I do have to ask though, what kind of fish was it and what did you have it in? I ask because I have fish tanks and if you two decided to get another (or if you decided on your own) maybe I can help. :)

He was a Fancy Goldfish and i had him in a fish bowl. i took 25% of his water out ever day and replaced it with new treated water and then fed him a small pinch of food in the morning and then right before i went to bed. i think we will get another but i kinda want a guppie this time around lol

Goldfish are super hard to take care of! They are some of the dirtiest fish you can get. They let out a lot of ammonia that can kill them if they aren't in the proper environment. Though fish usually only need to be feed every other day, so you were probably over feeding it (it happens all the time so don't feel bad!). If you get a Guppy though I would suggest getting at least a one gallon tank and a heater. They are tropical fish and need the heat and the water flow of a small filter (also they say one fish per gallon though you can get away with two! Or more if you have live plants). If you want we can message each other about this subject and if you are ok with it, I can mail you a on gallon tank (I have an extra with a filter but no filter pads).