I Hate The Day After He Leaves

Its like everyone and their mother wants to ask the same question the day after he leaves "when are you going to see him again " it always cracks my front of being strong. I just want to break down and cry when the only response i have is "i have no idea" . Argh this is why i should stay in my corner until im emotionally stable for reality again
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lol I know right it drives me insane and you'd think after the 100th 'I have no idea' they'd get the point but they don't. hang in there you've got this!!

"I have no idea" those are words I use a lot. My friends ask me all all the time: when are you going to see him? You have to look at their faces when I say: I don't know! their jaws literally fall to the floor...

I feel so good you ladies understand that I really have no idea haha Well, I do, add 2 to 3 months to that :)

Haha yeah i know that look and that's great! Having some sort of time frame is always better than none

Ugh!! I know how you feel.... I have to be strong and say when i tink he might come back. Sometines you just dont want them to even ask you anything but hug you and cry with you.... We have to be stong always remember "ONE DAY CLOSER AND ONE DAY STRONGER" God will always gives us the strenght!!!

Thats so true i just have to keep my chin up :)

Yes i have been struggling this whole week and it really sucks to cry out of no where.

Yeah ive had plenty of times like that! But eventually you just fall back into routine and keep waiting until "later" rolls around

i hate it i feel like that right now like in a box where i cant get out......

Yeah its like your stuck? I know how you feel trust me haha i had a breakdown last night about that

yess me too almost every night but i try to be stronger everyday

Yup we have to stay strong. For them and ourselves :) if you ever just need to vent or anything im here :)

thank you !

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