Good Thing I Couldn't Go To Sd This Month

Well it's definetly a good thing I told Ryan I couldn't financially afford to go to San Diego this month for him to come home. I asked him if he had any info on when he's coming home and now it might not be till February. I'm alittle sad it maybe be a whole month longer but at the same time I'm kinda happy it maybe later than we originally were thinking. I might be able to be there in February so hopefully we will find out soon. I know he wants to be home as much as I want him home. All I know is he better make valentines day pretty special if he comes home around then. I love him to pieces but this whole situation makes this way harder than I expected. On the plus side I've made some amazing new friends from here and I have quite a few friends that have been or are going through the same thing so it definetly helps alot.
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Holding thumbs it works out this time!!

I do too only now Im hoping he doesn't come home till my car is fixed. I sadly got in a car accident tonight on my way home from work. Thankfully I'm ok and my kids weren't with me but of course when I want to be able to talk to Ryan I can't, and tonight I need him after it. I'm all shaken and had super bad anxiety

It's a big shock and I know that feeling all to well i'm glad you fine though that's the main thing you in shock have some sugar water and a hot bath and try get some sleep sometimes things really do look better in the morning - lot's and lots hugs your way!!

Thanks I'm gonna try to get some sleep I'm hoping that will help the anxiety I have at the moment. And all I know is I have any amazing friend who came to my rescue and is gonna help me out while we deal with the insurance and stuff so this way I can atleast still take care if my kids.

What are you saying?!! forget about the car, you have public transportation!! I know it sucks with no car, but yes! you need him in February haha you'll find the way. I hope you are better now.

I am doing better still have some anxiety but ive been able to talk to Ryan alittle the past 2 days. And my neighbor has been helping me so I can get my kids to daycare and home

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Good luck with that, I hope you can make it in February :)

I hope so too. I really want to be there when he gets home